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Which company has the best natural gas prices in Springfield?

This graph shows the lowest  rates for Springfield
Rates as of 3/18/2019

Which natural gas plans in Springfield are the cheapest?

Rate Plan / Provider Term
$ 0.339 per therm SCANA Energy

Introductory Variable Rate Plan
1 month
$ 0.365 per therm Constellation

24 Month Metro Home Plan
24 months
$ 0.369 per therm SCANA Energy

12 Month Fixed Rate Plan
12 months
$ 0.369 per therm Constellation

12 Month Metro Home Plan
12 months
$ 0.379 per therm XOOM Energy

SureLock 12
12 months
$ 0.399 per therm XOOM Energy

RescueLock 12
12 months
$ 0.419 per therm SCANA Energy

24 Month Fixed Rate Plan
24 months
$ 0.490 per therm Gas South

12 Month Term
12 months
$ 0.870 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 36
36 months
$ 0.880 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 24
24 months

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Reviews from Springfield:

Don't Even Consider Using Stream Energy!

(1 / 5)

  My electric bill went from $266.02 with Stream to $154.51 with another company (Spark). Don't even consider this company!  

JS from Springfield
February 22nd, 2018

Take the customer to the cleaners

(1 / 5)

  Apparently, my contract with them ended in July 2017. I was paying 0.0669 per KWH under contract. They say they sent me a letter about renewing. Because I didn't respond, they put me on a variable rate that went from 0.081056 in Aug., up to o.122230 in Jan. 2018. When I saw the ridiculously high bill for this month, I started making phone calls & found out what Direct Energy had done to me. I cancelled my service with them immediately. I think what they did was very wrong. They could have called me or even emailed me to clear this up before switching me to a variable rate that has cost me a fortune. I feel they should refund me the excess I have paid from Aug. 17 to Jan. 18. The customer service person made a derogatory remark. 

Anita Gilliam from Springfield
January 8th, 2018

Do Not Use Stream Energy

(1 / 5)

  If I could give zero stars i would. This company said they would always be cheaper then Peco or the competitors, but they are not. The will overcharge you.  

Joe from Springfield
January 5th, 2018

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