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  • The lowest residential natural gas rate in Georgia is 42.9¢ ($0.429) per therm.
  • The lowest commercial or business natural gas rate in Georgia is 51.1¢ ($0.511) per therm.

Gas South Natural Gas Rates

Gas South

Formed in 2006, Gas South has grown to become the largest natural gas retail provider in Georgia. In 2020, the company acquired Florida-based energy provider Infinite Energy and has expanded its service to more than 425,000 customers in 14 states. Over half, some 250,000 residential, business and governmental customers, are in Georgia.

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is responsible for maintaining the gas lines, gas turn ons and turn offs, and meter reads.

Gas South services end user residential and commercial natural gas accounts, sends bills and purchases wholesale natural gas for its customers.

Gas South Ratings

The overall score for Gas South is 4.28. Their best category was Community where they earned a score of 4.94, while their worst rating came in at 3.24 in Products. More detailed information on these ratings is available on our Gas South Rating Detail page.

Gas South earned a Silver Award in our most recent semi-annual rating process with an overall rating of 4.28

Georgia Gas Savings's Silver Tier providers are tremendous Georgia gas companies. They all combine great customer service, lots of different plan offerings, and great communication from their companies to their customers and communities. If you select a plan from one of these providers you can be confident that you're selecting a great company with a good track record.

  • Rating Overall
  • 4.28
  • Communications
  • 4.42
  • Community
  • 4.94
  • Market Perception
  • 4.45
  • Operations
  • 4.69
  • Products
  • 3.24

Compare Gas South Rates

Gas South currently has several plans available on our site.

Our Rate Comparison Page will let you compare all Geaorgia Gas Rates

Provider Monthly Fee 12 Month Rate Average All In Rate
Georgia Natural Gas® $5.00 $0.569 $0.689
SCANA Energy $6.00 $0.559 $0.698
XOOM Energy $5.00 $0.479 $0.596
Constellation $7.00 $0.579 $0.738

Average Rate is based on 50 therms usage per month. Rates as of April 21, 2024 at 09:44 AM CDT

Moving? How to Start Gas South Service in Georgia

Moving to Georgia

If you're moving to Georgia, it's important to know that Georgia is a deregulated natural gas market. Which means you can compare, shop and order some of the lowest natural gas prices in the US. If you're moving to a deregulated area, you can use Georgia Gas Savings to compare and order an affordable rate.

You shopped for your mortgage, cellphone, internet, insurance and credit cards, and now you can shop for your Georgia gas provider. Natural gas companies compete for your business in Georgia Your natural gas is delivered by your local utility company, Atlanta Gas Light. AGL reads your meter, maintains the pipes and responds when there's a problem with your natural gas service. All you have to do is pick a plan, sign up and we'll handle the rest.

Simply enter your zip code to compare natural gas plans then select your move-in date during the checkout process. You'll receive a confirmation email and an order id to track your new service connection.

How to Read Your Gas South Bill

Gas South Sample Bill

  • 1: Bill Overview. This section shows your current Gas South plan information. It show the date of the bill, whether the rate is fixed or variable, the plan expiration date, and how to pay the amount on-line.

  • 2: Current Charge Summary. This shows your 10 digit Gas South account number, the amount past due (if any), the new gas supply charges, the bill's due date, and the total amount due.

  • 3: Explanation of Charges. This section breaks down the current bill charges mentioned above. It also includes the customer service fee and the AGL pass-through charges. To the right of this is a graph that shows your usage history for the past year.

  • 4: How We Calculated Your Gas Charges. This area shows the meter reading start and end, dates, the service dates, the cubic footage used, therm factor, rate per therm, and the gas charges.

Gas South - Frequently Asked Questions

What rewards and promotions does Gas South offer?

Gas South Promotions

  • Bill Credits
  • Save on tickets, membership and animal encounters at the Georgia Aquarium.
  • Discounts With Local Movers
  • Discounts With HVAC Installers

How is Gas South Rated by other agencies?

Gas South is a Top Ranked provider as ranked by

They've also received a JD Power score of 687 in 2013 (the last year of JD Power Ratings in Georgia). The company has an A+ rating with the BBB, and consistently ranks amongst the lowest complaints received with the Georgia PUC.

2024 GeorgiaGasSavings Ratings 2013 JD Power Ratings 2019 Better Business Bureau
Silver Award 687 A+

How do I get the Cheapest Gas South Gas Rate?

We've created a step by step guide to help you get the cheapest Gas South Rate.

There are three basic steps

  1. Understand your Gas South usage
  2. Know your credit rating
  3. Understand AGL (Atlanta Gas Light) Base Charges and Fees

All Gas South Plans

Atlanta Gas Light (All GA)

News Articles About Gas South

Shop Recommended Gas Plans In Warner Robins

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Which Recommended Gas Plans Works for You?

Shop recommended plans for your home in Warner Robbins now and find the natural gas best provider for your family's needs.
Spring is the time to shop recommended gas plans for your home in Warner Robbins. Compare the lowest rates to find the best provider for your family.

There are many reasons someone might need a new gas provider. Therefore, we feature several different plans and Georgia gas companies each month. Whether you want to save money, are moving soon, or want better customer service, we have a plan for you. So, let’s go through our recommended plans in Warner Robins for April.

Recommended Short Term Plans

Short term plans can be a good choice for renters and students who don’t need a long commitment. Because they don’t require a deposit, these plans are also ideal for anyone strapped for cash or with low credit scores.

Firstly, let’s give the Gas South Fixed 6 Month plan a look. It has a $0.510 per therm rate, $6.95 monthly charge, and $150 ETF. Save a little bit more with a $5 bill credit per month for ten months. You’ll have to renew with this provider to get all your credits.

We also have the Georgia Natural Gas® Variable Select plan. It has a $1.699 per therm rate, $3.99 monthly charge, and no ETF. As a variable plan, the per therm rate could change every month. This could be a good option in several scenarios. For example, maybe you're thinking about moving in the next few months. Or, maybe you want to try the provider who ranks first in our ratings system before committing to a long-term plan.

Recommended Long Term Plans

If you aren’t going anywhere soon and want to save money on natural gas, long term plans are the way to go! The fixed rates of these plans will keep your gas costs low for a year or more. Keep in mind these plans require deposits up to $150 and will charge a fee for early cancellation.

Firstly, we have the Xoom SureLock 24 plan. It has a $0.429 per therm rate, $5.85 monthly charge, and $200 ETF.  This is the cheapest rate of the recommended plans this month!

Next is the Xoom RescueLock 12 plan. It has a $0.479 per therm rate, $5.85 monthly charge, and $100 ETF. A nice perk with this plan is the provider donates 5% of your monthly charges to PetSmart charities.

Finally, we’ll cover the Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. It has a $0.519 per therm rate, $7.95 monthly charge, and $150 ETF.

How Much Will My Gas Bill Be?

We’re all keeping an eye on our expenses these days. Let’s run some numbers so you can easily compare plans by cost. For these estimates, we’ll take the average monthly gas use amount, which is 51.08 therms, according to the PSC. These estimates only include your supply charge plus monthly charge. You will also have delivery charges and taxes on each bill.

Monthly Costs

  • Gas South: $33.00
  • Georgia Natural Gas®: $90.78
  • Xoom SureLock: $27.77
  • Xoom RescueLock: $30.32
  • Constellation: $34.46

The fixed rate plans differ from each other by only a few dollars. But those dollars add up over a year. The variable rate plan is about three times more expensive yet could still be a good move for a month or two depending on your needs! Our pick for the best recommended plan of the day has to be Xoom SureLock 24. It’s the cheapest plan and offers the most savings overall. Don’t delay, scoop this plan up today at

Lock in Long Term Savings in Augusta

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Long Term Gas Plans at Spring Rates

Long term plans lock in a low price for the long haul. Learn which 24 month plans help your save the most on your natural gas in Augusta, GA. Shop now and save!
Shop now and save! Learn which 24 month plans help your save the most on your natural gas over the long term in Augusta, GA.

Natural gas provides heat and fuels generators. Since spring falls between the high demand heating and cooling months, gas rates are cheaper right now. Take advantage of today’s low GA gas prices with a long term plan that extends your savings! Let’s check out available 24 month plans so you can lock in long term savings in Augusta.

Comparing 24 Month Rates Head-to-Head

Let’s start by comparing the rates and customer charges of the five best 24 month plans. To provide supply cost estimates, we multiply each plan’s fixed rate by the average annual gas usage. According to the GA PSC, the average annual residential gas use is 613 therms per year.

Firstly, it’s the Gas South Fixed 24 Month plan. It has a $0.690 per therm rate and $6.95-$9.95 monthly charge. The supply charge comes to $506.37 - $542.37 a year; $42.20 - $45.20 per month.

Secondly, we have the Georgia Natural Gas® 24 Month Fixed plan. With this provider you get a $0.629 per therm rate and a $6.99 - $9.99 monthly charge. The annual supply comes to about $469.46 - $505.46. That's around $39.12 to $42.12 per month.

Next is the Scana Energy 24 Month plan. This plan has a $0.619 per therm rate and $6.95 monthly charge. Annual supply comes to about $462.85, or around $38.57 per month.

That brings us to the Constellation 24 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. With this plan you have a $0.579 per therm rate and $7.95 monthly charge. That's around $450.33 annually, or $37.53 monthly.

Finally, we have the Xoom Energy SureLock 24 plan. It has the cheapest rate at $0.429 per therm. The monthly charge is also the lowest at $5.85. Annual supply plus monthly charge comes to $333.18. That's roughly $27.76 a month.

Remember, none of these estimates include the AGL distribution charges.

Other Things to Know About Long Term Plans

Apart from low rates, these providers also offer incentives with their plans.

Gas South offers a unique perk: no deposit. That keeps up to $150 in your pocket. Furthermore, you get $5 in bill credits for the first 10 months of your contract. There is a $150 ETF, but that is comparatively low. Lastly, they are second in our natural gas providers ratings system.

Meanwhile, Scana Energy does collect a deposit up to $150. They also have the highest ETF at $250. This provider comes in third in our customer ratings.

Georgia Natural Gas® also requires a deposit up to $150. Unlike competitors, this provider has a sliding scale ETF. Specifically, the ETF starts at $200 and drops by $50 every 6 months. Georgia Natural Gas® is first in our ratings system.

Constellation has an ETF of $150 and collects a deposit up to $150. This provider is fourth in the customer ratings system.

Xoom Energy does not stack up as well against the competition in these metrics. They have a higher ETF of $200, require a deposit up to $150, and are seventh in our ratings.

What Long Term 24 Month Plan Is Best in Augusta?

It’s a tough call to make when the cheapest plan belongs to the lowest-rated provider. However, because many people are struggling with bills, we recommend getting the savings where you can. That means taking the cheapest rate with Xoom Energy SureLock 24. For more information about how to save on natural gas, visit us today at