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  • The lowest SCANA residential natural gas rate in Georgia is 56.9¢ ($0.569) per therm.

SCANA Natural Gas Rates

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Compare SCANA Energy Gas Rates

SCANA Energy

SCANA Energy, is one of the largest marketers of natural gas in Georgia, serving more than 425,000 customers. SCANA Energy also has a regulated unit, SCANA Energy Regulated Division provides natural gas service to low-income customers and individuals whose credit histories prevent them from getting service from other gas marketers.

AGL Atlanta Gas Light maintains the gas lines, gas turn ons and turn offs, and meter reads.

SCANA Energy services end user residential and commercial natural gas accounts, sends bills and purchases wholesale natural gas for its customers.

SCANA Energy Ratings

The overall score for SCANA Energy is 3.87. Their best category was Market Perception where they earned a score of 4.66, while their worst rating came in at 2.53 in Communications. More detailed information on these ratings is available on our SCANA Energy Rating Detail page.

SCANA Energy earned a Bronze Award in our most recent semi-annual rating process with an overall rating of 3.87

Georgia Gas Savings's Bronze Tier providers are solid retail natural gas providers that have a lot to offer customers. These companies represent good options for discerning shoppers and have lots to offer customers. There are plenty of good companies offering good plans that can fit what consumers are looking for in their company.

  • Rating Overall
  • 3.87
  • Communications
  • 2.53
  • Community
  • 4.57
  • Market Perception
  • 4.66
  • Operations
  • 3.92
  • Products
  • 3.48

Compare SCANA Energy Rates

SCANA Energy currently has several plans available on our site.

Our Rate Comparison Page will let you compare all SCANA Energy Rates

Provider Monthly Fee 12 Month Rate Average All In Rate
Georgia Natural Gas® $5.00 $0.599 $0.719
SCANA Energy $6.00 $0.569 $0.708
XOOM Energy $5.00 $0.509 $0.626
Constellation $6.00 $0.499 $0.638
Gas South $6.00 $0.650 $0.789

Average Rate is based on 50 therms usage per month. Rates as of July 15, 2024 at 05:43 AM CDT

Moving? How to Start SCANA Energy Service in Georgia

Moving to Georgia

If you're moving to Georgia, it's important to know that Georgia is a deregulated natural gas market. Which means you can compare, shop and order some of the lowest natural gas prices in the US. If you're moving to a deregulated area, you can use Georgia Gas Savings to compare and order an affordable rate.

You shopped for your mortgage, cellphone, internet, insurance and credit cards, and now you can shop for your Georgia gas provider. Natural gas companies compete for your business in Georgia Your natural gas is delivered by your local utility company, Atlanta Gas Light. AGL reads your meter, maintains the pipes and responds when there's a problem with your natural gas service. All you have to do is pick a plan, sign up and we'll handle the rest.

Simply enter your zip code to compare natural gas plans then select your move-in date during the checkout process. You'll receive a confirmation email and an order id to track your new service connection.

How to Read Your SCANA Energy Bill

Understand Your SCANA Natural Gas Bill

  1. Total Amount Due: The total of all your SCANA charges. Current charges, credits, and any remaining balances from previous SCANA bills. This is what you owe.
  2. Dedicated Design Day Capacity: This is the space reserved on the pipes for you on the pipeline so that you get gas service.
  3. Usage CCF: Amount of gas used.
  4. BTU Factor: Heat Energy in natural gas. You multiply this number by the CCF used to get the actual energy usage, which is the Therms.
  5. Therms: Amount of natural gas you're consuming.
  6. Natural Gas Consumption Charge: Your gas rate multiplied by the numner of therms you used.
  7. Customer Service Charge: Monthly charge which covers account maintainence and services rendered to the customer.
  8. AGL Pass-Through Charges: What Atlanta Gas Light charges for maintaining the infrastructure you use to recieve natural gas. Pipelines, meter readings, etc.

Compare SCANA Energy Gas Rates

SCANA Energy - Frequently Asked Questions

What rewards and promotions does SCANA Energy offer?

SCANA Energy Promotions

  • Bill Credits
  • Home Warranties
  • Discounts For Seniors (65 or Older w/ Income of $29K or less)

How is SCANA Energy Rated by other agencies?

SCANA Energy is a Top Ranked provider as ranked by

They've also received a JD Power score of 687 in 2013 (the last year of JD Power Ratings in Georgia). The company has an A+ rating with the BBB, and consistently ranks amongst the lowest complaints received with the Georgia PUC.

2024 GeorgiaGasSavings Ratings 2013 JD Power Ratings 2024 Better Business Bureau
Bronze Award 710 A+

How do I get the Cheapest SCANA Energy Gas Rate?

We've created a step by step guide to help you get the cheapest SCANA energy gas rate.

There are three basic steps

  1. Understand your SCANA Energy usage
  2. Know your credit rating
  3. Understand AGL (Atlanta Gas Light) Base Charges and Fees

All SCANA Energy Plans

Atlanta Gas Light (All GA)

  • Plan Name
  • Price
  • MRC
    The 'Monthly Recurring Charge' is a fee that the provider will add to each of your bills in addition to the electricity/gas usage charges.
  • Term
  • Type
12 Month
$6.95 monthly recurring charge
Fixed Rate Non-Renewable
Introductory Variable Rate - $100 Bill Credit
$5.95 monthly recurring charge
Intro Rate Non-Renewable
24 Month
$6.95 monthly recurring charge
Bill Credit Non-Renewable
36 Month
$6.95 monthly recurring charge
Fixed Rate Non-Renewable

News Articles About SCANA Energy

Georgia's Low Cost Leaders for Natural Gas, June 2024

Posted on

Save With Low Cost Leaders in Natural Gas

Get low cost natural gas from the best providers in Georgia! Rates are starting to climb this summer. Shop and lock in the cheapest plan for your home.
The Georgia PSC does show which are the cheapest providers but not why. Learn which provider really is the low cost natural gas leader in Georgia and how that affects monthly bills.

The summer sun is quickly sweeping away the days of moderate temperatures and low natural gas prices. Without a doubt, if you have a standard variable rate plan, per therm rates will be going up and up. But there is a simple solution for your rising natural gas bill in Georgia for June 2024. That is, finding a cheap 12 month fixed rate plan. So, let’s check out Georgia’s low cost leaders for natural gas.

How to Compare Low Cost Natural Gas

Because your natural gas costs depend on how much you use each month, it can seem hard to compare natural gas plan prices. However, the Georgia PSC provides a breakdown each month that can make it easier. They use an "Apples-to-Apples" comparison that smoothes out monthly variability. It also adds in things like monthly repeating charges to the monthly rate.

For June 2024, the Georgia PSC identifies clear low cost natural gas leaders. In fact, the leaders, Xoom Energy and Stream Energy are neck and neck with their price points this month. For both plans, the per therm rate is $0.489 and you get that rate locked in for 12 months. But you have to know where to dig to find the details. Where Xoom Energy takes a narrow lead is with the monthly charge which is $1.00 cheaper than their competitor. The PSC estimates the typical customer’s monthly bill to be about $50.39 with Xoom Energy.

More Options for Gas Plans

Choosing the cheapest natural gas provider can probably save you the most money. However, many other providers can come close in savings.

For example, the 12 month plans from Scana Energy in June 2024 has a $0.649 per therm rate. That’s about 33% more than the low cost leader. But when you look at the PSC estimates for typical monthly bills, Scana Energy is at $55.17. That’s less than a $5.00 difference from the low cost leader!

But your options don’t end there. In addition to these providers, there are many more with competitive prices and even longer fixed rate terms. And though the Georgia PSC does indicate low cost leaders for natural gas, it doesn't provide the whole picture. So, when it comes to looking beyond dollars and actually choosing your new natural gas provider, you can’t beat Georgia Gas Savings. Come get your next low cost gas plan today at

Summer Temps Rising, So Will Atlanta Natural Gas Rates

Posted on

Beware Rising Atlanta Gas Rates

Atlanta gas rates are about to rise! Grab the best rate for your home before hot summer temps burn away the natural gas surplus!
High demand for air conditioning might burn up the natural gas surplus and raise your Atlanta rates. Now could be your last chance this year to shop great low priced plans.

Fixed rate gas plans in Atlanta are still low despite hotter temperatures. However, rates are now unlikely to drop through summer. In fact, we will likely see the opposite before too long. That makes today a great day to lock in a fixed rate with the best natural gas provider for your home! This is especially true if you have a variable rate. With summer temps rising, so will Atlanta natural gas rates. So, let’s check out your options for cheap gas this summer.

Why Do Gas Prices Go Up in Summer?

In summer, thousands and thousands of people switch on ACs every day. This creates a high demand on the electric grid. What does this have to do with Georgia gas prices? Well, according to the EIA, we use natural gas for more than 40% of our electricity.

Normally, gas plan rates rise in the summer. But this year has been different because there's been a surplus of gas. All the same, it's starting to shrink. With ACs already firing up around the country, gas prices have already gone up this month. More specifically, contract natural gas prices have increased from $1.791-$2.712 per mmbtu. The increase in market prices has yet to trickle down to natural gas provider rates in Atlanta. But that could be right around the corner.

Choose Fixed Over Variable

With higher rates looming, it’s prime time to shop for a fixed rate plan. Anyone with a variable rate plan has all the more reason to switch! Variable rates this month are as high as $1.999 per therm according to the PSC. That’s about four times more expensive than some of the cheapest fixed rates. And remember, you may have signed up for a fixed rate plan sometime last year were automatically renewed to variable rates at the end of your term.

Three Cheapest Atlanta Fixed Rate Gas Plans

Finding a cheap fixed rate plan will save you tons of money over the summer. So, let’s look at three of the cheapest plans you could get today.

Firstly, is the Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. The per therm rate is $0.499. This is the lowest rate of any fixed rate plan right now. There is a $150 ETF and $6.95 monthly charge. With this plan you can get water heater protection for free, a $71 value. HVAC protection for $19.95 per month is another add-on option.

Secondly, is the Xoom SureLock 12 with a $0.509 per therm rate. After four months of beating the competition with the lowest prices for fixed rate plans, Xoom takes second place this month. The plan has a $100 ETF and $5.85 monthly charge.  

Finally, is the Scana Energy 12 Month plan. This plan has a $0.559 per therm rate. Additionally, there is a $150 ETF and a $6.95 monthly charge.

Any of these plans is a great option to save money over a variable rate plan. And it is easy and fast to sign up. Simply visit us today at

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