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Which company has the best natural gas prices in Rome?

This graph shows the lowest  rates for Rome
Rates as of 5/20/2019

Which natural gas plans in Rome are the cheapest?

Rate Plan / Provider Term
$ 0.299 per therm SCANA Energy

Introductory Variable Rate Plan
1 month
$ 0.349 per therm Constellation

24 Month Metro Home Plan
24 months
$ 0.379 per therm Constellation

12 Month Metro Home Plan
12 months
$ 0.399 per therm XOOM Energy

SureLock 12
12 months
$ 0.490 per therm Gas South

12 Month Term
12 months
$ 0.499 per therm XOOM Energy

RescueLock 12
12 months
$ 0.529 per therm Infinite Energy

12 mo Fixed
12 months
$ 0.539 per therm Infinite Energy

6 mo Fixed
6 months
$ 0.549 per therm Infinite Energy

60 mo Fixed
60 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

24 mo Fixed
24 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

Nest Plan
24 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

36 mo Fixed
36 months
$ 0.629 per therm Infinite Energy

18 mo Fixed
18 months
$ 0.870 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 36
36 months
$ 0.880 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 24
24 months
$ 0.890 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 12
12 months
$ 0.930 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 6
6 months
$ 1.299 per therm Infinite Energy

Standard Variable
1 month

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Reviews from Rome:


(5 / 5)

  I am writing for my son who has Down syndrome. He lives independently. We help him when needed. I had him change to 4Change Energy about 3 months ago because his electric bill was out of sight. Sadly, I am sure he appears as your nightmare customer. Two out of 3 of his last three bills, got paid late while I was trying to get him set up with autopay. Yet you kept sending very polite gracious reminders, giving a very generous deadline to pay. Hopefully we have it set up correctly now! His bill is about half what it used to be!  

Happy customer [please do not use his name.] from Dallas
October 31st, 2018

Good experience

(5 / 5)

  Quick & courteous 

George from Rome
March 30th, 2018

Best Company around

(5 / 5)

  This company is by far the best provider for a business. Rates are low and cusromer service is the best I have ever had. 

annyonomous from Dallas
November 7th, 2012

Good Company & beneficial for the enviroment

(4 / 5)

  I recently switched from Reliant to Green Mountain Energy. I can honestly say that I love this company because aside of my bill getting lower i am helping the enviroment. I haven't called the customer care line so i won't know how they are but they have almost everything that Reliant use to provide me (except chatting) but at least i'm helping the enviroment. Prices are not that low but they are competitive, what you expect? IS GREEN ENERGY & that is what makes the price be higher.

I would recommend this company! 

E. Angel from Houston
January 24th, 2013

Not so bad until you run into a problem!

(3 / 5)

  Weve been with 4change for almost 3 years and never had a problem with 4 change until last month. I was going to pay my payment late so I called the account manager and he told me that I could not pay it late that I jad to pay the full amount. Or my services will be disconnected. Okay, so I borrowed the money and paid it on the date of notice. Four days after I paid it I came home to no electricity. I called and the account manager toldme that it was disconnected because the late fee of 28.00 was not paid.
I was paid the 28.00 had my electric turned back on but wanted to speak to a supervisor. To let them know how I was not informed of a late fee when I paid my oringinal amount on the day of final notice or I would have paid it as well.
The account manager told me that the Supervisor was unable to speak to me at that time so I asked if one could return a phone call to me and she said yes...a week later I have yet to receive a phone call frome anyone from 4change. I was upset about my electricity being shut off but was more angry about not having 4change return my call. Just a bad situation all the way around. However, before this one incident 4change has been great to have. I will stay with them and hope that in the future they will take their customers complaints a little more serious. 

Ronnie S from Pearland
October 31st, 2018

Inefficient phone system and website never works

(1.8 / 5)

  Weve had Constellation for a year, and the website has never worked. At first, I could never log in with the forget password option just taking me in circles. They just changed to a new system, so my auto payment didnt process. I wasnt informed but discovered it half way through the month. I tried to make a one time payment online, but it wouldnt process. I had to call to do it and navigate through an unnecessarily long menu and figure which of 4 options was the correct customer #. Ive waited for them to get it together, but Im done. Im looking for a new company.  

Not worth the cent less per month from Rome
June 25th, 2018

rate is tooooo :[ high

(1.3 / 5)

  We tried to keep the them but after 1 year we sadly are changing our mind.
The fact that this company is enviroment friendly is great but sad that it don't fits our budget anymore.
Last month $80 this month $310 and our ac runs 79/80)
Our rate changed and we didn't know, when we called we tried to understand but the lady on the phone was not really helping.
Since they don't mind loosing good customers we don't mind changing the company!!! 

Lance H.
July 22nd, 2009

Rip off pricing!!! variable rate !!!! Right!!

(1 / 5)

  Never had gas service before. Within 60 days of service with GAS SOUTH will never deal with them again!! NOT Happy with the pricing Variable rate. Advertising of 55c per Them. Right!!! 1.20 therm NEXT month. 70$ to 189$. PLUS $40 in "FEES". Called to talk to them. Oh they would "lock me in" at 55c per therm but monthly "fees "would be the same ... I said CANCEL. I would rather FREEZE than pay highway robbery. This is just for HEAT for us. ( two disabled over 60 yrs old adults keeping temp at 69 degrees). The rep that I talked to could CARE LESS that we are seniors, disabled and on a fixed income.  

Modern Highway men from Rome
February 19th, 2019

Muhammad Haque Fort Worth Horrible

(0.8 / 5)

This is Muhammad Haque. I am very very very very very very very much frustrated from TXU. I have called Bounce Energy, and they have said to me that TXU are charging too much TDU charges. I have reviewed my relatives, neighbors and friends and they have bounce energy and one has reliant it does not increase more than 27 dollars.. TXU is a horrible company I have ever had in my life.. I have got bill 1579 KWH and they have charged $57.50 TDU charges and same amount of KWH even my neighbor have 1700KWH, he has 22.46 TDU charges from BOUNCE ENERGY.. SHAME SHAME SHAME TXU.. Don't buy or signup with this fraud company.. They ruined your money and savings in winter and summer seasons.. Hatred like a hell, unfortunately I am on contract until JULY 2014 and I have to pay $150 or 200 cancellation fees if I disconnect service or switch to another energy provider. But from my side, it is confirmed that I will not be renewing contract with TXU after JULY even I have to Security Deposits to another company, because deposit is my own money and I can use towards bill after a year, but I will be relaxed that I am not getting enough TDU charges from different company, I am very much disappointed from TXU. I am disabled with Common Variable immune Deficiency Syndrome and on Medicare and Medicaid but they (TXU) ruined my money. I would recommend everyone not to buy TXU forever and it is my constitutional right that I can review whatever I have been facing in my life from one company or services...Again Shame on you 

Muhammad Haque from Fort Worth
January 3rd, 2014

(0.6 / 5)

  I am not satisfied with stream energy performance. My Lights got cut off after i pay the bill. I was told that my lights will be cut off,but i call in and talk to one of your customer service and all they could say was your electrict will be off. I made the efford and call it in when i got the notice of the cut off date,and promest to pay the bills on these dates 10/15 and 10/22 which i did so i don't see why you would take some body money and still cut off there lights and tell them it will be back on 24 to 48 hrs that not good customer service at all.I was recommend by a friend ,they said how cheap the rate was and how good your company was,i had your all over one year now i am not satisfied with your service. 

Sandra Ellis from McKinney
October 26th, 2010

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