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Which company has the best natural gas prices in Dallas?

This graph shows the lowest  rates for Dallas
Rates as of 5/20/2019

Which natural gas plans in Dallas are the cheapest?

Rate Plan / Provider Term
$ 0.299 per therm SCANA Energy

Introductory Variable Rate Plan
1 month
$ 0.349 per therm Constellation

24 Month Metro Home Plan
24 months
$ 0.379 per therm Constellation

12 Month Metro Home Plan
12 months
$ 0.399 per therm XOOM Energy

SureLock 12
12 months
$ 0.419 per therm SCANA Energy

12 Month Fixed Rate Plan
12 months
$ 0.449 per therm SCANA Energy

24 Month Fixed Rate Plan
24 months
$ 0.490 per therm Gas South

12 Month Term
12 months
$ 0.499 per therm XOOM Energy

RescueLock 12
12 months
$ 0.529 per therm Infinite Energy

12 mo Fixed
12 months
$ 0.539 per therm Infinite Energy

6 mo Fixed
6 months
$ 0.549 per therm Infinite Energy

60 mo Fixed
60 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

24 mo Fixed
24 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

Nest Plan
24 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

36 mo Fixed
36 months
$ 0.629 per therm Infinite Energy

18 mo Fixed
18 months
$ 0.870 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 36
36 months
$ 0.880 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 24
24 months
$ 0.890 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 12
12 months
$ 0.930 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 6
6 months
$ 1.299 per therm Infinite Energy

Standard Variable
1 month

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Reviews from Dallas:

Questions about a particular plan

(5 / 5)

  Kim @ Direct Energy was great. She is professional and answered all of my questions. 

Helen from Dallas
April 5th, 2019

Aeesome service

(5 / 5)

  Ot was easy to sign up, and bills have been low 

New customer from Dallas
February 15th, 2019

Loving this company

(5 / 5)

  I've had nothing but a excellent experience rates communication skills customer service every aspect you guys cover with excellence im never leaving  

Darius Herndon from Dallas
January 17th, 2019

4change Energy is great!

(5 / 5)

  Setup was simple and account management is convenient. I had an issue where my credit card on file was reported stolen and they quickly contacted me via email to let me know an issue had arisen when they tried to bill me (autopay). I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I would highly recommend.  

James C from Dallas
November 7th, 2018


(5 / 5)

  I am writing for my son who has Down syndrome. He lives independently. We help him when needed. I had him change to 4Change Energy about 3 months ago because his electric bill was out of sight. Sadly, I am sure he appears as your nightmare customer. Two out of 3 of his last three bills, got paid late while I was trying to get him set up with autopay. Yet you kept sending very polite gracious reminders, giving a very generous deadline to pay. Hopefully we have it set up correctly now! His bill is about half what it used to be!  

Happy customer [please do not use his name.] from Dallas
October 31st, 2018

good pricing and service

(5 / 5)

  the first contract cycle was so simple that I signed up for a second conrtact. 

R Fraser from Dallas
October 31st, 2018

VERY, VERY Happy with 4CHANGE energy

(5 / 5)

  When we decided to change our electricity company, my husband reviewed many electricity providers. He chose 4CHANGE energy and they have been great. We have had them for over two years now and they have never disappointed us. 

Donna K. from Dallas
October 31st, 2018

So many options but only one choice

(5 / 5)

  Choosing an electric company used to be a no-brainer. There was only one to choose! Now, one must be educated as to kilowatt hours and cease and everything else in order to form an educated opinion. Champion help me to do that in layman's terms without making me feel stupid. After being with another company and comparing prices, Champion is now my only choice. 

Jme from Dallas
October 25th, 2018

Easy Switch

(5 / 5)

  It was easy to switch to Constellation and they offered the best fixed rate 

Richard from Dallas
October 22nd, 2018

From online searching, and thru the first two months with Constellation

(5 / 5)

  No glitches, billing was as explained. 

Linda from Dallas
September 3rd, 2018

Bounce is Terrific!

(5 / 5)

  Best rates, great promotions, fair & honest & reliable. After three years, I have nothing negative to say. 

SandraP_DallasTX from Dallas
August 24th, 2018

Excellent Electric provided at an affordable price

(5 / 5)

  I have been a 4Change energy customer for going on three years now and I would not use any other electric provider for my electric service. I recommend them to everyone I know!  

JH from Dallas
August 16th, 2018

Excellent all around

(5 / 5)

  I just renewed my service contract with Veteran Energy. I shopped around a bit but didn't really want to leave Veteran as they have been excellent from the time I signed up a couple of years ago. Today I spoke with Dustin in Customer Care and he helped me come up with the best renewal plan considering the history of my usage. He was excellent!
I've had zero complaints about the company and can't really understand ratings less than (near-) perfect. I love their weekly usage emails. It allows me to see graphically what my usage habits are and make adjustments if I need to. I also like the fact that they give back to Veterans groups. Very satisfied! 

Cool Tex from Dallas
August 16th, 2018

A Breeze

(5 / 5)

  This is Awesome. I was very disappointed with my previous service provided and unfortunately the relationship of more than 4 years had to end. I reviewed several other companies before arriving here and was displeased at their demands for a huge activation deposit. None of them could clearly explain why those startup monies were necessary or could confirm if they were refundable minus all the fees if the relationship had to end. I would have been okay to pay it out installments but no one was hearing that. Just hand us 220.00 and well turn it on. Im glad i found you guys and very pleased there's no deposit. This is how you become and remain #1. Im telling everyone I know at the old company to follow me. (#high5) Thank you ..Now lets do business one kilo watt at a time. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Ok2BAwesome from Dallas
July 9th, 2018

SBH media

(5 / 5)

  Great experience  

Michelle Hunter from Dallas
July 3rd, 2018

Great company

(5 / 5)

  Excelent service 

Lillyana Batten from Dallas
June 13th, 2018

Great and no surprises!!!

(5 / 5)

  I switched to Startex 6 months ago, after being with another provider for almost 15 years. Should have changed YEARS ago. I did alot of research and decided to go with Startex due to price plans, reviews, ratings etc. I am very glad I did. I wanted to wait to review them until I had been with them several months. Things have gone great. Billing is spot on, NO surprises! Yay! Email reminders to pay bills etc. When I have contacted contact customer service, they are extremely helpful by phone but also they respond to emails VERY fast! Great company and I hope to be with them a long time! Just be sure to lock into a price and remember to renew when it expires. They take credit cards too if you pay your bills that way, I just wish they took American Express. That's my only complaint! Great company 

D Ericson from Dallas
May 30th, 2018

StarTex is the best.

(5 / 5)

  Switched back in March. Process was totally seamless. No complaints
whatsoever. Haven't had to call customer service once. 

Kevin from Dallas
May 30th, 2018


(5 / 5)

  This company has excellent customer service. They have the best rates and are willing to work with you when you need help they are awesome.  

Mr., Wade from Dallas
May 30th, 2018

Exceptional price and customer service

(5 / 5)

  StarTex is exceptional in all senses of the word. It has always been a very good value and the administration has always operated smoothly. However, I recently had occasion to experience the true test of a really good company and that is when something goes wrong. In this case, an erroneous charge from Cernterpoint was passed thru to one of our accounts.
StarTex's customer service very courteously responded on a continuous basis until the charge was rectified (giving due credit to Centerpoint also).
This may sound simple but it is in stark contrast to the previous large Dallas based company that we had been a loyal customer for years.
In that case an obvious serious problem developed with one of the account's meter readings after the hurricane interrupted service for weeks. This began a nightmare that lasted for over a year and a half with charges up to 10 times normal compounded by accounting errors. This was never resolved in large part due to the lack of real "customer service."

JL Powell from Houston
May 30th, 2018

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