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Which company has the best natural gas prices in Baldwin?

This graph shows the lowest  rates for Baldwin
Rates as of 5/20/2019

Which natural gas plans in Baldwin are the cheapest?

Rate Plan / Provider Term
$ 0.299 per therm SCANA Energy

Introductory Variable Rate Plan
1 month
$ 0.349 per therm Constellation

24 Month Metro Home Plan
24 months
$ 0.379 per therm Constellation

12 Month Metro Home Plan
12 months
$ 0.399 per therm XOOM Energy

SureLock 12
12 months
$ 0.419 per therm SCANA Energy

12 Month Fixed Rate Plan
12 months
$ 0.449 per therm SCANA Energy

24 Month Fixed Rate Plan
24 months
$ 0.490 per therm Gas South

12 Month Term
12 months
$ 0.499 per therm XOOM Energy

RescueLock 12
12 months
$ 0.529 per therm Infinite Energy

12 mo Fixed
12 months
$ 0.539 per therm Infinite Energy

6 mo Fixed
6 months
$ 0.549 per therm Infinite Energy

60 mo Fixed
60 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

24 mo Fixed
24 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

Nest Plan
24 months
$ 0.559 per therm Infinite Energy

36 mo Fixed
36 months
$ 0.629 per therm Infinite Energy

18 mo Fixed
18 months
$ 0.870 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 36
36 months
$ 0.880 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 24
24 months
$ 0.890 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 12
12 months
$ 0.930 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 6
6 months
$ 1.299 per therm Infinite Energy

Standard Variable
1 month

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Reviews from Baldwin:


(0.6 / 5)

  current (for 3 years) ambit customer--never checked rates til this winters polar plunge.ambit is charging me some months 2 and one half times the amount the local supplier charges. they claim by the end of the year I will have saved from what national grid charges. in order for that to happen I will have to get some supply portion of my bills free. thay say they will send a check if overcharged. THEY DONT GIVE THEIR RATES LIKE OTHER SUPPLIERS DO THEY JUST SAY THEY WIIL SAVE YOU AND ITS VARIABLE. that's fooey!!! this month april to may national grid was 7cents per kwh-ambit was 16.7centsper kwh and similar bills the last 3/4 months. I guess im getting a big check at the end of the year!!! doubt it!!! I think companies not willing to publish rates are suspect like ambit. the only reason im still with them is I am friends with the consultant. they also lied to me about which plan imsupposed to be in.they wont tell you how much your current savings will be because there is none. I wish I had the time and patience to review my last 3 years of bills I cant trust them anymore and don't think ill continue 

dave from Baldwinsville
May 16th, 2014

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