Cheapest 24 Month Natural Gas Plans In Macon

Falling gas rates could save your bacon in Macon, GA! Now's the time to switch to a cheap gas rate for your home so you can save money all year long!
Falling gas rates could save your bacon in Macon, GA! Now’s the time to switch to a lower rate for your home so you can save money all year long!

Who Has The Cheapest 24 Month Gas Deal In Macon?

An easy way to save money for your home is to find a cheap natural gas plan in Macon, Georgia. Now is the perfect time to start shopping around, since natural gas prices are continuing to fall. Lock in a great rate, and you’ll cut down on your energy bills for a long time to come. Here are the best 24 month natural gas rates available in Macon, GA.

Cheap Deals On Natural Gas Plans

A great provider to start looking at is Constellation. One of the most popular and well-reviewed natural gas providers in Georgia, Constellation offers a rate of only $0.339 per therm. With the Constellation 24 Month Metro Home plan you’ll be getting the lowest price per therm available on a permanent plan in Macon. You will pay $7.95 per month in service fees, which is worth bearing in mind when comparing to other plans.

Gas South also offers a cheap price for natural gas in Macon. The Gas South Fixed 24 Month deal comes in at a price of $0.490 per therm, placing it about 15 cents per therm higher than the Constellation deal. That might not sound a lot, but a typical Georgia household can use around 700 therms per year. Annually, this difference in price adds up to about $105. Although an average consumer will likely find this plan more costly overall, depending on your credit rating you may pay a lower service fee (Gas South advertise rates of $6.95/$9.95).

Low Natural Gas Prices In Macon

These two plans aren’t your only options. Infinite Energy provides some great alternatives for Macon residents who want to save money on natural gas. This provider’s standard Infinite Energy 24 Month Fixed deal comes with a rate of $0.499, marginally higher than the Gas South plan. However, with service fees of $5.95, you’ll make some savings against other providers. This won’t be enough to offset the higher price per therm if you’re an average natural gas consumer. 

However, if you use less natural gas than average you may potentially save money because of the lower monthly service charges. Natural gas consumers who live in an apartment should consider their natural gas consumption before deciding on which plan is right for them.

Save Money With Smart Home Tech

You can reduce energy costs by using less natural gas, as well as cutting the price you pay for it. One quick and easy way to do this is with a Nest, the smart thermostat that keeps your home comfortable as efficiently as possible. The Infinite Energy Nest Plan gives you a new smart thermostat for your property, letting you keep temperatures and costs under control. You won’t pay anything up front, but the service fee is $4 higher than the alternative Infinite Energy deal. However, you’ll end up paying $96 for the service and Nest over the course of 24 months. The price per therm remains at $0.499, though, so you won’t pay any extra for the natural gas you do use.

Find Cheap Natural Gas Today

Now is a great time to cut down on your natural gas costs. Switch to a new natural gas provider today using our quick, easy-to-use service, and you’ll get cheap natural gas without any hassle. 

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