Best 24 Month Natural Gas in Smyrna, GA

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With so many low-priced 24 month plans available, it's hard to chose the best gas deal in Smyrna, GA. Let us help!
Should you get a great rate and a smart thermostat that help money? Or should you just get a really low rate? With so many low-priced 24 month plans available, it’s hard to chose the best gas deal in Smyrna, GA.
Let us help!

Long Term Natural Gas Deals In Smyrna

Now is a great time to lock in a cheap deal on natural gas. Smyrna residents can access some of the best prices for gas in Georgia. That’s particularly important for Smyrna homes, because properties in the Atlanta area can be some of the largest homes in the country! Choose from one of these low-price natural gas plans in your area, and you’ll be able to keep costs down for the future.

The Cheapest Gas Deals In Your Area

An easy way to find the lowest price for natural gas is to look at the cheapest price per therm. This comes from the Constellation 24 Month Metro Home plan, with a cost of just $0.339 per therm. That’s about as cheap per therm as natural gas gets in the Atlanta Gas & Light area. However, be advised that Constellation charges $7.95 per month as a service fee. That’s higher than most other providers, which means you should factor these recurring charges into your price calculations.

Another 24 month natural gas plan to consider comes from Infinite Energy. The Infinite Energy 24 Month Fixed plan offers a price per therm of $0.449, making it significantly more expensive than the Constellation plan. However, with a monthly recurring charge of $5.95, you will be reducing your service fees by $2 per month.

At $0.51 per therm, the Gas South Fixed 24 plan is the most expensive 24-month deal on offer. Service fees are $6.95 monthly, and for many Smyrna residents there are cheaper deals to be found from other natural gas providers.

Cheap Tech For Your Home

Infinite Energy also offers a way to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency with a Nest smart thermostat. The Infinite Energy Nest Plan costs exactly the same price per therm as their regular 24-month plan. However, it comes with a monthly recurring fee of $9.95. You’ll therefore pay $96 ($4 x 24) for the Nest unit over the course of the plan (still well below the MSRP). However, this could save you 10-12% of your heating costs during the year. Georgia is one of the few states where a high proportion of energy is used in space heating, so cutting down here can make big savings.

Which Is The Best Natural Gas Deal?

With all these figures flying around, it can be hard to understand which natural gas deal is actually the cheapest. However, thanks to pricing data from the Georgia Public Services Commission, we can see that the typical household in the Atlanta Metro area will spend $93 on a Constellation plan, compared to $103 on an Infinite Energy plan. The Infinite Energy Nest Plan clocks in at another $4 per month, as you’d expect.

So, Constellation is the plan to pick, right? Not necessarily – these numbers are based on an average household’s natural gas usage. Constellation offers a cheap price per therm, so if you use a lot of natural gas, it’s a good plan to pick. If you use less than the average 700 therms per year, this might not be the case. 

Check your natural gas usage before deciding to switch natural gas providers. Lock in a cheap natural gas rate soon, since prices are predicted to stay low for another month or two. Don’t delay, though – a cheap natural gas rate could be an easy way to save a lot of money.

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