Smart Ways to Cut Your Summer Gas Use

Hate those AGL summer bills? Learn how you can cut those summer natural gas bills in Georgia and save money!

Lower Your Summer Gas Bill

Georgia summer gas usage isn't usually very high. Learn how to reduce it further plus other ways you can save on your natural gas bills.
Sick of paying summer AGL gas bills? Find out how to cut your usage and other ways you can save!

Save up for summer fun by lowering your natural gas bill. Although the days of peak residential gas usage disappear with the winter weather, your gas bill will still be hitting your wallet every month all through summer. Plus, summer natural gas rates actually go up ! But don’t worry, there are some simple methods to save on gas. Just use these smart ways to cut summer gas use in GA.

3 Tips for Summer Gas Savings

When the furnace stops running, it’s a major relief to your natural gas bill. To take the savings even further, here are three smart tips.

Furnace: space heating is the top energy draw in your house. Even with a cheap gas rate, running the furnace is a big expense. Although you won’t use the furnace in summer, it could still be running up your natural gas bill. If your furnace is an older model with a pilot light system, it uses natural gas all summer despite the fact you’re not heating your home. For this reason, turning off the pilot light could save you some money.

Water Heaters: this appliance is one of the biggest energy consumers. In fact, as much as 19% of your energy use is from the water heater, according to the EIA. Consequently, there is a lot of savings potential here. The standard tank water heater setting is 140°F, but 120°F is effective and more efficient. This setting change cuts the amount of gas used to heat all that water so it’s ready for use. You can also cut your hot water us. For example, take shorter showers and do loads of laundry with cold water.

Other Appliances: combined, your other gas appliances account for a considerable amount of natural gas costs. To lower these expenses, be smart about how you use appliances. First, to save hot water, run your dishwasher and washing machine full rather than partial loads. Second, instead of your gas oven, make dinner with a slow cooker which uses close to a tenth of the energy. Finally, if you have a gas dryer, line-dry some or all your laundry and freshen your clothes naturally.

Disconnect Service to Cut Usage

If you can live a few months without the gas appliances in your home, disconnecting your natural gas service is a potential money saving option. However, you should know there are costs involved even in not having gas. Atlanta Gas Light will charge you a Service Establishment Charge and a Seasonal Reconnection Charge totaling $50-$95. On top of these charges, you might see a few from your natural gas provider. Compare these charges with the regular monthly fees on your bill to decide if you stand to save money with a seasonal disconnection.

Compare Plans to Drop Summer Gas Use

Cutting your gas use with our simple tips will also cut your gas bill. But there’s even more you can do to save money on natural gas. Comparing rates on our website will lead you to the best plan and the most savings. Visit us today at

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