Historically, Georgia gas rates typically go up during the Fall and Winter Months. If you can. Get a 6, 12 or month to month plan that ends in the summer months. Then, you'll be able to get the best rate when temps are warm.

Now the caveats. Over the last 2 years, prices for wholesale natural gas have ranged from $6.00 to $1.7 per MBTU - these are significant potential price swings that affect your bills. The most important thing is to reduce your risk associated with these swings.

That's why we recommend 12 month fixed rate natural gas plans. If you were on a variable rate plan, you could see your monthly bills swing by 20-50%, not based on your usage, but rather based on the fluctuating prices of natural gas at the wholesale level.

That level of uncertainty is just not necessary, and the premium paid to lock in a fixed rate is worth it.


18 Month Fixed Rate Plan
Rates as low as

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