Find out which long term gas plan in Metro Atlanta combine low rates with the lowest possible exit fee.

Should I Shop Long Term Gas Plan Now?

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Is A Long Term Gas Plan The Best Move?

Is a long term gas plan in Metro Atlanta the best way to save money right now? Find out which plans could save you more!
The best option for Metro Atlanta customers is to get a long term gas plan that combines a low rate with the lowest possible exit fee. Find out how these plans stack up!

For Metro Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) customers whose natural gas plans are expiring now, you need to make a decision. Should you lock in something long term, or wait for rates to ease off in spring? Well, you can’t afford to delay! Whilst a long-term plan could offer great rates, their pricey exit fees could make shopping cheap 2022 shoulder months a costly affair. Let’s see how these cheap rates might affect your long term gas plan shopping decision…

Which is the Cheapest Long Term Gas Plan in Metro Atlanta?

Firstly, let’s look at XOOM. Their straightforward SureLock 24 plan offers a 61.9 cents per therm fixed rate for 24 months, along with a market beating $5.85 monthly recurring charge. Early termination, however, will set you back $200. With a pricey rate, and a steep exit fee – you can do better!

Next up is Constellation. These guys offer the two cheapest long-term rates on the market. Their 24 Month Home Natural Gas Plan will get you natural gas for a cheaper 59.9 cents per therm rate, albeit with a higher monthly recurring charge of $7.95. But the $150 early termination fee is an improvement on XOOM.

You can, however, find even better value with Constellation’s 36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. The 58.9 cents per therm rate is cheaper still, and you’ll benefit from the same $150 early termination fee and $7.95 monthly recurring charge. 

Compare Term-Length Options

So what’s a good alternative? Let’s start with Georgia Natural Gas’ (GNG) 18-Month Fixed. This discounted 65.9 cents per therm rate is a little pricier, and for new GNG customers only. Monthly charges will run between $6.99 and $9.99, which could get steep too. The exit fee ultimately reduces to $50 for the last 6 months of the plan. However, shoppers looking to switch in spring are going to face the whole $150 kaboodle. So let’s move on.

XOOM is offering shoppers the two cheapest gas rates in this category. Their RescueLock 12 plan offers a substantially cheaper rate than GNG above, at $61.9 cents per therm. As with their long term plans, the monthly recurring charge is just $5.85. But here’s the winner: early termination is only $100. 

But you can do better still, with XOOM’s SureLock12 plan. The 59.9 cents per therm rate clocks in at joint-second cheapest overall, only one cent pricier than Constellation’s 36 month offering. But here’s the twist: you’ll offset that nicely with the significantly cheaper $5.85 monthly recurring charge. Plus, you’ll benefit from a cheap $100 exit fee if you want to switch in spring – which you should! 

Shop Your Winter Gas Plan Now!

Long term plans might seem a tempting option right now. But their hefty exit fees will have you paying out big if you want to nab a cheap rate come spring. A better option for Metro Atlanta customers is a plan combining a low rate with the lowest possible exit fee. And you’ve got that, in XOOM’s SureLock12! All you need to do now is get around to weatherizing your home. So if you’re thinking, should I shop long term gas plan now? Well, probably not – but lock in this better option now at!

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