Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill

We Can Help You Understand Your Natural Gas Bill

Your natural gas bill is constructed in such a way that it's easy to make comparisons and draw information. Natural gas bills in Columbus look the same as natural gas bills in Atlanta. This means that you can quickly look at your bill and compare what you're paying with another provider's charges. This ensures that, with each bill you receive, you're always getting the best natural gas prices in Georgia.

Any and all charges, fees and payments on your bill should be structured in a digestible way. It's vital that you understand what each of these sections means so you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're with the best natural gas provider.

Georgia Gas Savings can help you use this information to your benefit. You can compare your current bill against the list of local plans that we provide, and switch if necessary.

How Are My Bills Broken Down?

The natural gas bill you receive each month is made up of a few main parts:

1. The first will be the ‘base charge'. Sometimes, this is called the Atlanta Gaslight (AGL) charge. This charge is managed by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC).

2. The total cost of the gas you used, dictated by your provider.

3. Taxes. These include federal, state and local taxes, determined by the area you live.

Some people get confused between the base charge and the gas charge, but they're very different. The gas charge is purely for the gas you used, and nothing more. The base charge covers the costs of getting that gas to your house.

These costs include pipe maintenance, meter-reading and customer service, among others. The base charge changes each month, and peaks during the winter months.

What Else Will I See On My Bill?

Your bill also consists of several other key areas - the biggest of these are the per-therm rate and the plan type.

Both these pieces of information will be displayed prominently on your bill. They can be used to assess your current plan, and decide whether your usage is in line with your expectations. It's then easy to compare other natural gas providers to see if you're getting a prime deal.

Per-therm Rate

Your per-therm rate is the unit of measurement natural gas providers use to assess your usage. A ‘therm' is simply a unit of heat. The company you're with will work out your bill by multiplying their per-therm rate with the gas you've used. Everyone wants cheap therms.

Plan Type

When you first choose your plan, you'll select a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan. Variable-rate plans can differ depending on factors like season and the natural gas market. During a variable-rate plan, your per-therm rate can differ. This can mean your bill will be lower than a fixed-rate plan, or more expensive.

On the other hand, fixed-rate plans will have a constant per-therm rate. This information will be reflected in your bill. Many consumers prefer fixed-plans for this very reason, though you are locked into a contract.

Other Charges

Your bill may also display certain other charges, depending on your circumstances. New customers could be billed a setup charge. Customers who choose to end their fixed contract could be subject to a termination fee. On top of these, there are penalty charges, insufficient fund charges and late payment charges.