Best CES 2024 Energy Devices for Your Home

CES 2024 showed us all sorts of fun and interesting energy saving technology that could also help you cut your energy usage.

CES 2024 Debuts Energy Saving Tech

CES 2024 showcased some great energy saving innovations this month. Check out our picks to reduce your monthly bills.
From cheaper hot water to piano for your dog, find out some of our favorite emerging technology from CES 2024.

Each year in Las Vegas, tech companies and other innovators come together to show off new products and concepts. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. This year, the show wrapped up on January 12 and now we are ready to share a few noteworthy products with you. Let’s dig into the best CES 2024 energy devices for your home.

3 CES Devices for Lower Gas Bills

My three picks for energy saving products will go a long way in lowering your energy use, especially natural gas!

Gecko Instantaneous Water Heater by Quantia — Tankless gas water heaters are already 8%-34% more efficient than water heaters with a tank. The Gecko absorbs heat from wastewater to preheat the cold water going into your water heater. This increases your water heater’s efficiency by up to 88%. It also delivers a shower that’s 70% cheaper. The Gecko doesn’t use gas or electricity, so it could make a huge impact on your natural gas bill.

GE Profile Ultrafast Combo — So, 2-in-1 washer/dryer combos aren’t exactly new to the market. However, many models seem to fall short when it comes to getting your laundry fully dry. The new GE Profile Ultrafast model claims to have improved drying capabilities. On its normal setting, it will wash and dry a load in about 2 hours. Compared to Energy Star rated electric dryers, it’s 50% more efficient.

Bosch IDS Ultra Heat Pump — Lastly, keeping with the trend, we have a new model of heat pump designed to work in colder climates. Many typical air-to-air heat pumps start losing efficiency at about 20°F. The Bosch IDS remains at 100% efficiency down to 5°F. Although Georgia tends to stay above 20°F most of the time, just this past month, Dalton saw several days of temperatures in the teens.

Bonus: CES 2024 Tech I Just Don’t Get

Not all tech is for everyone. This year there were two new products I just didn’t get. One may come as a real surprise!

Zoo Gears TheButter and TheBiscuit — It’s a piano, for your dog!? Teach your pup to play songs on a simple four key instrument that lights up to indicate which key to press. Work up to simple rock songs and your dog can accompany you while you strum a guitar. TheButter requires owners to manually reward dogs in training. TheBiscuit, on the other hand, rewards your pooch automatically. It could be good fun, but I’ll just stick to playing fetch.

LG Transparent OLED TV — CES 2024 was buzzing about this product, but I just don’t understand the hype. It’s an OLED TV with a transparent screen. Depending on what’s on the screen, there’s a 3D effect that’s a bit trippy. Transparency lends some airiness as well. You could put it in front of a window without blocking your view or drop a black screen to eliminate transparency. It requires its own entertainment unit from LG. I suppose it’s neat but feels insignificant as far as innovation goes at the end of the day.

That wraps up CES 2024. For more information about tech innovation and saving money on your natural gas bill, visit us at

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