Cheapest Year Long Gas Plans in Augusta

Learn which year long gas plans save you the most for your Augusta home on your winter heating!

Get Cheap Gas for a Year!

Save with year long natural gas plans. Rates are at their cheapest for 12 month plans! Learn which ones save you the most.
Natural gas rates are at their cheapest now for 12 month plans. Compare these year long plans that can help you save more on your winter heating bills.

Without a doubt, January brought an arctic chill through our country to begin the year. The icy weather pattern left those of us in Augusta with about a week of temperatures significantly lower than average, according to data from Accuweather. Firstly, those cold days are rough to get through. Secondly, if you have a variable rate or older natural gas plan, those bitter cold days could rack up steep charges on your Atlanta Gas Light bill. So, why not switch to a cheap 12 month plan and save money for a whole year. In fact, many plans are the lowest they’ve been for a year right now. So, let’s check out the cheapest year long gas plans in Augusta today.

Year Long Gas Plans for Solid Savings

To begin with, we have three gas plans on our list that offer some solid savings for winter bills. So, let’s see how they stack up.

Firstly is the Georgia Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed plan.

  • $0.529 per therm
  • $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge
  • $100 ETF in the first six months, $50 ETF in the last six months
  • Price drop of 7¢ to start 2024!

Secondly, we have the Scana Energy 12 Month plan.

  • $0.539 per therm
  • $6.95 monthly charge
  • $150 ETF
  • Price drop of 5¢ to start 2024!

Finally is the Constellation 12 Home Natural Gas Plan.

  • $0.549 per therm
  • $7.95 monthly charge
  • $150 ETF
  • Same price as last month
  • Also get water heater protection available for free

So, let’s compare the rate changes side by side. According to data from the Georgia Public Service Commission, each of these plans has a much lower rate today. That’s compared to the standard 12 month rate for each provider in January 2023. Check out how the rates from last year to this year rank in the table below!

20242023% Lower
Georgia Natural Gas®$0.529$0.75969%
Scana Energy$0.539$0.78968%

Cheapest Natural Gas You Can Get Today

The three plans above offer solid savings, especially when you compare rates from a year ago. But if you want to save the most money on your natural gas, check out Xoom Energy!

Firstly is the Xoom Energy SureLock 12 plan.

  • $0.349 per therm
  • $5.85 monthly charge
  • $100 ETF
  • Price drop of 10¢ to start 2024!

Secondly we have the Xoom Energy RescueLock12 plan.

  • $0.369 per therm
  • $5.85 monthly charge
  • $100 ETF
  • Price drop of 11¢ to start 2024!
  • Additionally, 5% of monthly energy charges donated to PetSmart Charities®

These rates are at least 30% less than the cheapest competitor above. You’ll also get the lowest monthly charge and a low ETF with this provider. Check out how these rates compare to the provider’s rates in January last year.

20242023% Lower
SureLock 12$0.349$0.95936%
RescueLock 12$0.369$1.00937%

There is no denying these plans are much cheaper compared to a year ago. Therefore, if you lock in one of these cheap rates, you can save money all year. So, why wait? Indeed, visit us today and choose your plan at

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