Watch These Short Term Gas Rates in Savannah

See how short term natural gas plans add up to the best savings in Savannah.
Sure, math is hard. But see just how these short term natural gas plans can add up to the best savings in Savannah.

Where Can I Shop Best Gas Prices Near Me?

With gas prices rising and the mercury dropping, Savannah Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) shoppers need to lock in a cheap winter gas plan soon! But spring shoulder rates are looking good for 2022. So how can you keep winter bills low, and cash in come spring? Well, 6 month plans in Savannah offer the perfect short term gas rates to get you there. The average annual gas consumption for a Georgia household is 717 therms, so divide that by 12 for an average usage of 60 therms per month. We’ve used this figure to calculate how these plans compare for monthly bills. Let’s see which is the best deal!

Compare Natural Gas Rates in Savannah

First up is Gas South’s BridgePlan 6 Month. This plan is designed for customers with little or no credit. Consequently, the $1.37 per therm rate is costly, as is the $6.95 to $9.95 monthly recurring charge. The $150 fee for early termination is also steep for short term gas rates. Gas South says that after 12 months of good payment history on this pricey rate, you can move onto lower standard rates. To do that, you’d have to renew the plan.

Here’s roughly what you’d be paying in an average month:

  • $1.37 dollars per therm x 60 therms = $82.2 for gas supply
  • $82.2 + $9.95 monthly recurring charge (higher end) = $92.15 monthly bill 

Next we’ll move onto the more standard short term gas rates. Gas South’s Fixed 6 Month plan offers a more competitive 75 cents per therm rate, but still with a hefty $6.95 to $9.95 monthly recurring charge. Early termination will set you back $150, but you can get back up to $20 in bill credits. As you can see, it works out a good slice cheaper than Gas South’s plan above:

  • 75 cents per therm x 60 therms = $45 for gas supply
  • $46.20 + $9.95 monthly recurring charge (higher end) = $54.95 monthly bill

Get the Lowest Natural Gas Rate

Finally, there’s the Georgia Natural Gas® 6-Month Fixed with $100 Bill Credit. The 77.9 cents per therm rate is a little pricier. But the $4.99 to $7.99 monthly recurring charge, and $50 for early termination, are both good step-downs. Plus, you’ll get $100 off your first bill, and free participation in their Greener Life carbon offset initiative for the course of your plan! They’ll cover up to $150 in exit fees for new customers, too. So if you’ll be ducking off your current natural gas plan to shop now, this is a good money-saving option. Here’s roughly how an average bill compares:

  • 77.9 cents per therm x 60 therms = $46.74 for gas supply
  • $46.74 + $7.99 monthly recurring charge = $54.73 monthly bill

Shop Short Term Gas Rates Now!

In summary, you’ll notice that the slightly higher therm rate for the Georgia Natural Gas® plan is largely offset by the lower monthly charge. Moreover, you’ll get a higher bill credit, and some choice bonuses and incentives. Therefore, in spite of the higher rate, it’s likely to be the better option! So, as you can see, a little calculation can go a long way in locking down the best money-saving plan for you. Combine this plan with energy saving measures in the home, and you’ll unlock even cheaper winter bills! Watch these short term gas rates in Savannah, and land the best one for you, over at

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