Should I Shop Long Term Gas Rates Now?

Gas rates fell all summer and now is the time to shop cheap plans for your home. Natural gas prices could climb higher this winter and cost you more.

Find Long Term Gas Plans for Fall

Get cheap gas rates when you shop now! Lock in a fixed plan at a low summer price and save all year.
Start saving on your winter heating bills and shop these cheap natural gas rates for your home now!

Price tags on everything seem to be going up. But summer was good to your natural gas bill! Thanks to higher than average natural gas storage, we didn’t see summer price surges this year. Even better, low prices are hanging on. This means you have time to snag a cheap rate. With prices expected to go up by the end of December, there’s no better time to shop long-term gas rates than right now.

Two Cheap Natural Gas Plans

Check out these great natural gas plans.

Gas South Fixed 24-Month — By the numbers: $0.690 per therm rate, $150 ETF, $6.95-$9.95 monthly charge.

With Gas South, get going with a new gas plan with no deposit. You will also benefit from $20 in bill credits. The plan is at its lowest price in 12 months. Lastly, while the provider ranks 13th in our customer review ratings system, they have a proven track record of good options for discerning shoppers with lots to offer customers.

Georgia Natural Gas® 24-Month Fixed— By the numbers: $0.669 per therm, $50-$200 ETF, $6.99-$9.99 monthly charge.

The cheap rate is a ten cent per therm discounted rate for new customers only. If you qualify for the plan, you also get Greener Life® free for 6 months and a fixed contract exit fee credit up to $200. The price on the plan is lower than last year, but not lowest of the year. Finally, this provider is number 1 in our ratings system, offering great customer service.

Shop Best Long-Term Natural Gas Plans

These plans top our list of the best recommended long-term plans in the Atlanta metro area.

Scana Energy 36 Month— By the numbers: $0.659 per therm rate, $300 ETF, $6.95 monthly charge.

Snap up this plan to save on natural gas for three years. The plan is now at a 12-month low, even lower than spring shoulder month prices. Scana Energy ranks third in our ratings system.

Xoom Energy SureLock 24— By the numbers: $0.549 per therm, $200 ETF, $5.85 monthly charge.

Although it’s hard to beat the three years of savings the previous plan offers, the Xoom Energy plan is so cheap, it’s our pick for best long-term plan. It’s even dropped seven cents from summer rates to reach its lowest price of the year. This provider ranks fourth in our ratings system. This cheaper than cheap plan is my choice for my household to save the most money for the next two years.

Shop Low Gas Rates Now and Save

Low gas prices may be following us into the fall, but when winter starts they won’t stay put. Now’s the time to shop the best gas rates of all year so you can save more in the next. Check out more low prices for natural gas plans at

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