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Boost Your Savings On Natural Gas Rates in Georgia Now!

Choosing the right time of year to shop for natural gas in Georgia is essential. Few homeowners realize just how important it is, but timing is crucial to find the best prices for natural gas in Georgia. Don’t worry. We’ve got a few tips to help you save money on your natural gas bills. This Energy Information Administration graph shows why you should shop Natural Gas Georgia plans and rates.

This graph from the Energy Information Administration shows how the price of natural gas in Georgia usually changes over the course of a year.

Natural Gas Prices in Georgia

During summer,  there are two main natural gas consumers: gas suppliers/utilities and electricity generating companies. Gas suppliers contract for most of their winter-time gas supply in the summer. Generators burn more and more natural gas to provide electricity for A/C units. Since gas supplies are low after all that winter heating, the price tends to be higher.  Factor in the higher demand for electricity and it’s no surprise that the higher summer price makes it the wrong time to shop for a Georgia gas supplier.

Also during the summer, a lot of the new gas supply gets stored in huge underground salt domes for the coming winter. When winter begins, there’s a huge supply of gas in storage ready for sale. So gas prices tend to be low. Consequently, suppliers will buy a certain amount of their gas supply on the spot market to take advantage of lower prices.

However, spot market prices can vary during the winter depending on demand, supply, and temperatures. Cold snaps or warm spells in one part of the country can produce price spikes or sags throughout the market. These are usually temporary, lasting only for a week. So while winter offers lower prices on average, volatile pricing makes it a difficult time to find low priced fixed gas rates.

Shoulder months are low demand and low volatility. That means prices tend to be reliably lower for about a month or so. These are the best times to find a natural gas deal in Georgia. In general, you’ll want to compare natural gas rates in Georgia during fall and spring.

Shoulder months also have a huge impact on the price of gas throughout the country. One striking result this year has been that in some Texas gas fields, producers are literally paying to get rid of excess natural gas.  Usually, natural gas prices creep up pretty quickly around this time in the year. However, we’re experiencing unseasonably warm weather in Georgia which is keeping natural gas prices low – for now. That means you’ve still got time to save on fixed-rate gas plan in Georgia.

Natural Gas Rates in Georgia

Now is the time to switch your natural gas provider for your Georgia home. There are plenty to choose from, but which one provides the perfect combination of fees and flexibility for you? Whether you’re searching for Atlanta natural gas rates or the best price for natural gas in Savannah, it’s couldn’t be easier to find great deals using our comparison engine.

You’ll find it easy to compare the best prices for gas in Georgia. Whether you live in Augusta, Acworth, Macon or Marietta, simply find natural gas rates in Georgia for your local area and check out the cheapest prices on offer. This could be as low as just $0.369 per therm, a massive saving for many Georgia residents!

Natural Gas Plans

Although now is a great time to pick up a new fixed rate gas deal,  don’t despair if you’re already locked into a contract. The EIA expects gas production to push prices down during 2019,  so prices are likely to fall this coming autumn. You should still keep an eye on the best deals for gas in Georgia.

There are plenty more savings to be had this year, and that’s where the Georgia Gas Savings app comes in. Our Android app allows you to compare the best rates for gas in your area. You can even switch directly from your smartphone. So, if you want to beat the market and find the cheapest prices natural gas in Georgia, the Georgia Gas Savings app is perfect for you. Find it here and download today:


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