Cheapest 12 Month Natural Gas Rates in Atlanta

Get the cheapest 12-month Atlanta natural gas rates!
Review Atlanta metro area natural gas plans! Lower your monthly natural gas bill with the cheapest 12-month Atlanta natural gas rate available!

Get Best 12 Month Natural Gas in Atlanta

Finding a cheap deal on natural gas doesn’t need to be difficult when you use Georgia Gas Savings. Our team is dedicated to picking out the best rates on natural gas, and this in-depth breakdown of the current cheapest natural gas rates in Atlanta picks out the best deals on offer.

Should I Lock In Natural Gas Rate?

If you haven’t already found a fixed rate for natural gas in the Atlanta Gas & Light service area, then this is absolutely the time to lock one in. Gas is cheap right now, but don’t wait any longer. Starting at the end of May, prices will likely start to rise over the next few months.  That’s why April is the best month to lock in your natural gas rate.

2018 Natural Gas Rates  In Georgia

Last April, temperatures dropped to the mid-30s. Consequently, more natural gas was burned for heating, and prices briefly rose. Now, with warmer weather than many gas providers were expecting, the price for natural gas in Atlanta has stayed low. So, it’s a great time to pick up a 12 month fixed rate deal.

Best Natural Gas Price Per Therm

You’ve got a few options to pick from when searching for 12-month natural gas deals in Atlanta. A great place to start is with the XOOM Energy SureLock 12, which offers a great rate of just $0.359 per therm. From the same provider, the Xoom Energy RescueLock 12 allows you to contribute to PetSmart charities, with 5% of your monthly bill going to helping animals in need of a home. With XOOM Energy’s low monthly service charge of $5.85, you’re looking at a total of only $70 in fees over the course of the year.

Knowing more details about natural gas supplier options can make all the difference.  Compare this plan to the Constellation 12 Month Metro Home plan, which is only a penny more expensive per therm. Constellation customers pay $7.95 per month in service charges, which adds up to almost a hundred bucks over the course of a year. However, it’s interesting to note that our review data puts Constellation at a 5-star rating. Meanwhile, XOOM Energy scores only 3.5, falling behind in areas like price and customer service. Knowing details like these help consumers find the best value for their dollar.

Natural Gas Providers In Georgia

With low prices this April, there are plenty of options for choosing a new Atlanta natural gas provider. When there are a dozen choices to pick from, it’s difficult to know which is the right one. Georgia Gas Savings also provides ratings for gas providers throughout the AGL territory. Check out real customer reviews to see how each natural gas providers in Georgia stacks up in terms of account management, customer service and price offers.

Now you can even compare the best prices for Atlanta natural gas right from your smartphone. The new Georgia Gas Savings app makes it easier than ever to find and switch natural gas providers. What are you waiting for? Download and save today:


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