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Cut your monthly bills by locking in the lowest rate now for the long haul. Lock in a the cheapest long term gas rates in Smyrna, GA.
This may be your last chance for a while to lock in the cheapest long term gas rates in Smyrna, GA!

How Can I Secure Best Gas Rates?

Boy, are long term gas rates looking like an attractive option right now. You’ve seen how the Texas Freeze crisis has thrown gas production out of joint. And add to that all the familiar 2020 staples – the uncertainty of continuing Covid measures, the domestic disruption of working and learning from home, the likelihood of rising gas prices. Hey, you need at least one nice thing, right? Well, three years of predictable energy bills could be just that. But, you find the right deal. Maybe that feels like a big ‘if’. But hey, that’s where we come in! Let’s find you the best 36 month gas rate in Smyrna.

Get Long Term & Low Cost Option

The 51.9 cents per therm rate offered in Infinite Energy’s 36 mo Fixed plan is the cheapest long term rate for Smyrna residents. And you’ll notice that the $150 termination fee and $5.95 monthly recurring charge are no pricier than you’d expect from a mid- to short-term plan. Whilst you’ll be notified when the expiration date approaches, watch out! If you don’t take action, Infinite Energy will transfer you to their (possibly very pricey) variable rate plan. However, this plan’s a bargain to enjoy for three full years. And guess what? When this expires in Spring 2024, you’ll be ready to steal another bargain shoulder-month deal. 

Long Term Gas Rate Customer’s Choice

SCANA Energy’s 36 Month Fixed with $100 in bill credits offers a slightly pricier rate of 54.9 cents per therm. In fact, with a $300 early termination fee, and $6.95 monthly recurring charge, it’s pricier across all metrics. And you’ll need to meet their credit requirements. However, if you want to keep bills tight in the short term, this plan offers $5 in bill credits for your first 20 bills. You might get rolled onto a new fixed rate plan when this one ends. But, they’ll let you know well in advance – and you’ll have 90 days to switch without incurring fees. And, like above, sign up soon and these 90 days will fall across the 2024 shoulder month shopping period. Finally, if you’re looking for a provider that keeps its customers happy, SCANA ranks second with ours

Lock in the Best Natural Gas Rate for You

Heaven knows we could all do with a break right now. And a 36 month plan with a great long term rate might be just the thing! It’s a real money-saver, because you’ll dodge rising gas prices and surprise spikes. And long term gas rates are highly competitive with shorter-term deals. Plus, the fixed rate will keep your bills and budgeting simple. So to lock one in, head over to – the easiest place to shop long term gas rates in Smyrna!

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