How to Avoid Sneaky Gas Plan Fine Print Problems

Like it or not, the small print on a natural gas plan contract can cost you more if you ignore it. Learn where it is and what affects so you can save more.

What’s in the Fine Print of Your Gas Plan?

The fine print in your gas plan's terms of service can sneak in extra charges to your bill. Find out what you need to know to avoid these.
Your natural gas plan probably has some fine print showing the extra costs you’ll face for late bills, early termination, and customer service. Learn what they are so you know how to avoid pay more.

The great thing about the deregulated gas market in Georgia is having the power to choose your natural gas plan. But when you sign up for a plan, you also agree to the terms and conditions of the plan. About 91% of people don’t read the fine print of these kinds of agreements. Unfortunately, that choice could cost you. But don’t worry, today we’re covering how to avoid sneaky gas plan fine print problems.  

Gas Plan Fine Print Charges

Natural gas companies have various charges in their Terms of Service (TOS). We’ll cover some of the most common charges and what you can do to avoid them.

Early termination: charge to end your fixed rate service early. Stick with your plan to avoid this charge unless the savings with another plan outweigh it.

Customer service: a monthly charge to cover the costs of service.

Late: charge for missing a payment, bouncing a check, etc. Set up autopay to avoid this.

Connection: charge to connect new service or service at an existing meter if it has been off more than 10 days.  

Reconnection: charge to connect service if it has been off less than 10 days.

Seasonal reconnection charge: charge to reconnect your gas line after a long period of disconnection. some customers seek to avoid high AGL bills by disconnecting service in the summer. It doesn’t always work out. Avoid these charges by keeping your gas service on even when you don’t need natural gas.

Keep in mind, some suppliers may have more charges. That make is vital to look for these items in the actual TOS because details vary for each supplier.

More Sneaky Items to Look For

There is more information in the TOS that can affect you outside of the charges listed above. Make sure to look out for these items, too.

Deposit: a supplier can collect a deposit for new or existing customers. Minimize or avoid a deposit with good credit and payment histories.

Right of rescission: a brief period when you can cancel your plan without paying a charge. In Georgia, customers have 3 days to cancel after they receive the contract from their supplier.

Agreement termination and expiration: details about what happens at the end of the term of a fixed rate plan. Many suppliers automatically enroll you in a new plan. If you are not looking out for notices about the new plan, you could end up with a less-than-ideal fixed rate plan or significantly overpaying on a standard variable rate plan. To avoid this, mark your calendar to start looking for notices from your supplier according to the details in the TOS. Also, make the time to shop for a cheap fixed rate plan for a seamless transition and maximum savings.

Natural Gas Fine Print Master

When it comes to natural gas plans, you are now a master of the fine print. That means there’s no better time to compare plans (and the TOS) to find a great natural gas rate. At Georgia Gas Savings, we make it easy with plan details, supplier rankings, and TOSs all in one place. So, visit us today at

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