Compare the Best Natural Gas Companies in Georgia

We've made it even easier to find a great natural gas company in Georgia! Just look for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies - and choose with confidence.

GOLD - These companies represent the best-of-the-best in customer service, pricing, and products.

SILVER - These are great companies who provide excellent options for consumers.

BRONZE - These companies provide solid performance and you can choose them with confidence.

Updated Jan 18, 2024

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Who are the best natural gas providers in Georgia?

These great natural gas companies won a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award in our semi-annual rankings of natural gas providers in Georgia.

Gold Tier Award-Winning Natural Gas Companies

Georgia Gas Savings's Gold Tier Providers are the best natural gas companies in Georgia. These are the best providers over the past year at providing customers and communities great service, stellar customer service, and top of the line resources, just to name a few things. When you select one of these providers, know you're choosing from among the best options in the Georgia gas market.

Silver Tier Award-Winning Natural Gas Companies

Georgia Gas Savings's Silver Tier providers are excellent Georgia gas companies. They all combine great customer service, lots of different plan offerings, and great communication from their companies to their customers and communities. If you select a plan from one of these providers you can be confident that you're selecting a great company with a good track record.

Bronze Tier Award-Winning Natural Gas Companies

Georgia Gas Savings's Bronze Tier providers are retail natural gas providers that are a great value, that may have just missed a higher ranking. These companies represent good options for discerning shoppers and have lots to offer customers. There are plenty of good companies offering good plans that can fit what consumers are looking for in their company.

Georgia Gas Utility Companies

AGL (Atlanta Gas Light) is the natural gas utility company serving the deregulated natural gas market in Georgia. AGL maintains and operates the natural transmission and distribution system. (the pipes and meters) AGL reads your meter, turns your natural gas on and off and sends out service trucks and personel to maintain the natural gas system