We've updated our company ratings in Georgia!

We've made it even easier to find a great natural gas company in Georgia! Just look for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies - and choose with confidence.

GOLD - These companies represent the best-of-the-best in customer service, pricing, and products.

SILVER - These are great companies who provide excellent options for consumers.

BRONZE - These companies provide solid performance and you can choose them with confidence.

The Best Natural Gas Providers in Georgia

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Georgia Gas Savings's Gold Tier Providers are the best of the best in Georgia gas. These are the best providers over the past year at providing customers and communities great service, stellar customer service, and top of the line resources, just to name a few things. When you select one of these providers, know you're choosing from among the best options in the Georgia gas market.

Communication Rating

Community Rating

Market Perception

Operations Rating

Products Rating

Avg. Customer

5.00 1.33 4.99 4.73 1.51
3.09 2.85 2.92 2.47 2.60
2.64 4.59 5.00 5.00 5.00
2.20 5.00 3.99 4.42 2.86
2.82 2.96 3.75 4.13 3.81

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