Get the Cheapest Natural Gas Plan in Augusta

These low natural gas prices won't stay this way for long. Find out why and how you can save more by locking in the cheapest fixed rate plan for your Augusta home!

Get Cheap Natural Gas This Fall

Shop the cheapest natural gas rates for your Augusta home! Compare rates now and find the best plan that fits your needs.
Natural gas supplies are high and prices are low. Now’s the time to shop and compare the cheapest rates! Lock in one of these fixed priced plans to save more this winter!

Fall is typically a great time to shop new natural gas plans. Demand is low after scorching summer and prices tend to drop. Due to higher than normal storage numbers, natural gas prices stayed down through the summer this year. Those cheap rates are hanging on so far into fall. So, it’s still a great time to get the cheapest natural gas plan in Augusta. Let’s check out the best plans available now.

Save Money with The Cheapest Plans

Let’s start with two great plans to help you save on your natural gas bill this fall.

Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed Plan: with this plan you get a $0.629 per therm rate. However, be aware the rate is a $0.12 per therm discount for new customers only. If you’re switching from another fixed rate contract, you can get an exit fee credit up to $200. The provider also throws in Greener Life® free for 6 months. There is a $50-$100 ETF and $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge.

Scana Energy 12-Month: this plan is slightly more expensive at$0.639 per therm. However, it’s available to anyone. There is a $150 ETF and $6.95 monthly charge.

Cheapest Natural Gas Plans

With the current state of the economy and inflation, a lot of natural gas customers aren’t looking for gimmicks. We just want cheap rates and savings. True, demand charges make up a significant part of your natural gas bill. But shopping the cheapest gas supply rates can help save you even more on your monthly bills. These plans deliver. Let’s take a look at the details.

Constellation 12-Month Home Natural Gas Plan: It’s the cheapest plan of the day at $0.589 per therm. But is it the best? They also offer water heater protection free ($71 value) and A/C + furnace protection for $19.95 a month. There’s a $150 ETF and $7.95 monthly charge.

Scana Energy 18-Month: This plan lets you lock in the cheap rate of $0.629 per therm for 18 months. You also get a $5 credit on your first 12 bills. There is a $200 ETF and $6.95 monthly charge.

So which plan is the best for you? That depends on whether you want those Constellation protection perks. But if you’re after the cheapest rate, we have to do the math.

According to the GA PSC, the average annual natural gas use is 717 therms. With Constellation’s rate, you’ll pay about $422.31 for your gas supply and monthly charge over the year. With the Scana Energy rate including the bill credits, you’ll pay about $390.93 for your gas supply and monthly charge over the next year. This makes Scana Energy the best choice for cheapest plan. Plus, with an 18-month contract, you are set up to shop for your next plan in the spring when rates might be low once again!

Shopping Saves Money on Natural Gas in Augusta

Now you have our recommendation for the cheapest natural gas plan available today. But you should know that anytime you need to save money on gas, shopping with Georgia Gas Savings is your best bet. You can easily compare available plans and incentives in one place to find something that works for you. Shop all the plans today at

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