Cheapest 24 Month Natural Gas Plans in Roswell

Shoulder month pricing is here! Shop cheap gas plans in Roswell, GA before winter raises rates again!

Fall Into Cheap 24 Month Gas Plans

Shop cheap gas plans in Roswell, GA now! Shoulder month pricing has pushed rate lower so now's the best time to get a low natural gas plan rate!
Shoulder month pricing has pushed rate lower so now’s the best time toShop cheap gas plans in Roswell, GA!

With the fall months, we enjoy milder temperatures throughout Georgia. Because demand for natural gas goes down during this time, prices typically follow suit. That makes it a great time to lock in a long term natural gas plan. The EIA predicts natural gas bills in the south will decrease by about 15% this winter. With a new natural gas plan, you might be able to see even more savings! Check out these cheap 24 month natural gas plans in Roswell.

Get 24 Month Gas to Save in Roswell

Now’s the time to shop cheap 24 month natural gas plans! Take advantage of their shoulder-season prices!

Gas South 24 Month: $0.650 per therm rate, $6.95-$9.95 monthly charge, and $150 ETF. This plan is the most expensive in the bunch. However, it’s the cheapest to get going with no deposit required. The provider also offers $20 in bill credits. Although the price is the lowest for the year, it has only gone down by about 12% since last year’s winter highs. Compare that to the Henry Hub spot price decrease of about 66% from last September to this year.

Georgia Natural Gas® 24 Month Fixed Plan: $0.599 per therm rate, $6.99-$9.99 monthly charge, and $50-$200 ETF. It is cheaper than the above competitor, but the rate is a discount of $0.15 per therm for new customers only. You also get Greener Life® free for 12 months and a credit up to $200 for fixed contract exit fees. The current rate is the same as the spring low in March. Overall, the price is about 30% lower than last December.

Constellation 24 Month Home Natural Gas Plan: $0.599 per therm, $7.95 monthly charge, and $150 ETF. The rate is the lowest of the year for the plan, even lower than in the spring shoulder month low. The price is about 33% cheaper than last December.

Xoom Energy SureLock 24: $0.539, $5.85 monthly charge, and $200 ETF. This plan is at its lowest price of the year. And compared to other cheap gas plans, it’s the lowest 24 month rate overall. Xoom Energy did not drop prices significantly at the start of the year when Henry Hub prices sharply decreased. But eventually they caught up. Compared to last December, the per therm rate dropped 35%.

Shop Cheap Plans in Roswell Today

Our pick for the best plan to save money on your gas bill is Xoom Energy Surelock 24. Not only do you get the cheapest rate, but you also get the cheapest monthly fee by at least 15%! If this plan doesn’t work for you, you have three other cheap options. Lock-in your 24 month rate with us today at

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