Super Bowl Party You Really Can Afford

Save money on your Georgia gas bills without skimping on tasty snacks for your Super Bowl party.

Save Money on Efficient Super Bowl Party

Learn party tips for food and energy savings that will help you save more on your natural gas this Super Bowl Sunday in Georgia!
Find out how you can throw a super bowl party and still save money on your Georgia gas bills. Check out these energy saving tips for great snacks!

This year’s Super Bowl tickets are the most expensive in history. The average price was nearly $10,000 for tickets available last week. That’s at least four times more than the average household spends on their GA energy bill for a full year. Most of us don’t have that kind of money to throw around. So, let’s see how you can save money and throw a Super Bowl party you really can afford.

Energy Saving Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

I am about to set you up with an entire menu for your Super Bowl party. Even better, these recipes are energy efficient to help you save money on your bill from Georgia gas companies!

Start your party off with some low-energy classics: salsa and guacamole. Keep things simple with a salsa recipe that only needs a minute or two in the food processer. Easily make the recipe your own by adding some additional spices or hot peppers. On the other hand, for your guacamole, you’ll only need a little elbow grease! Avocados are so easy to mash, you can whip up a batch of authentic deliciousness without any natural gas or electric appliances.

Next, for a main dish, turn things over to a slow cooker. More specifically, a slow cooker uses about 200 watts per hour. Compare that to a stove top which burns through over 1,000 watts per hour. An easy pulled pork recipe is sure to be an energy saving touchdown with your guests.

A great compliment to your pulled pork is a bowlful of creamy coleslaw. This is another low-to-no energy consumer. All you need is a little fridge space to chill your final product before serving.

Finally, a bit of dessert. Head into the endzone with some no-bake cookies that only need about 10-15 minutes of stove top use with a big return of five dozen cookies. Compare that to a baked cookie recipe that needs about 50 minutes of oven time plus preheating.

Other Energy Savings Tips for an Affordable Party

When you host a party, food is a big part of the equation. But that’s not all there is to consider! Here are a few more energy saving tips for the big game.

  • With GA weekend temperatures in the mid-60s, turn off your heat and let warmth from guests keep your house warm.
  • Keep bedroom, bathroom, and other doors closed to keep that heat in the main areas of your house.
  • Fill a couple coolers with ice for drinks to keep people from constantly opening the fridge.
  • Encourage guests to mingle in one or two rooms and leave lights off in the rest of the house.
  • Bonus safety tip! If you can’t have football without grilling, stay dry in potentially rainy conditions. Consider a pop-up grilling gazebo. Short of the gazebo, set up your grill in the opening of your garage door under the the eaves of your roof.

Now you’re ready for an energy saving Super Bowl party! But don’t forget one of the best ways to cut energy costs is with a natural gas plan that has a cheap rate. Shop the best rates today at

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