Summer Temps Rising, So Will Atlanta Natural Gas Rates

Gas powers Georgia power plants and hot weather drives AC demand. Learn why now may be your last chance this year to shop Atlanta natural gas plans at such low rates.

Beware Rising Atlanta Gas Rates

Atlanta gas rates are about to rise! Grab the best rate for your home before hot summer temps burn away the natural gas surplus!
High demand for air conditioning might burn up the natural gas surplus and raise your Atlanta rates. Now could be your last chance this year to shop great low priced plans.

Fixed rate gas plans in Atlanta are still low despite hotter temperatures. However, rates are now unlikely to drop through summer. In fact, we will likely see the opposite before too long. That makes today a great day to lock in a fixed rate with the best natural gas provider for your home! This is especially true if you have a variable rate. With summer temps rising, so will Atlanta natural gas rates. So, let’s check out your options for cheap gas this summer.

Why Do Gas Prices Go Up in Summer?

In summer, thousands and thousands of people switch on ACs every day. This creates a high demand on the electric grid. What does this have to do with Georgia gas prices? Well, according to the EIA, we use natural gas for more than 40% of our electricity.

Normally, gas plan rates rise in the summer. But this year has been different because there’s been a surplus of gas. All the same, it’s starting to shrink. With ACs already firing up around the country, gas prices have already gone up this month. More specifically, contract natural gas prices have increased from $1.791-$2.712 per mmbtu. The increase in market prices has yet to trickle down to natural gas provider rates in Atlanta. But that could be right around the corner.

Choose Fixed Over Variable

With higher rates looming, it’s prime time to shop for a fixed rate plan. Anyone with a variable rate plan has all the more reason to switch! Variable rates this month are as high as $1.999 per therm according to the PSC. That’s about four times more expensive than some of the cheapest fixed rates. And remember, you may have signed up for a fixed rate plan sometime last year were automatically renewed to variable rates at the end of your term.

Three Cheapest Atlanta Fixed Rate Gas Plans

Finding a cheap fixed rate plan will save you tons of money over the summer. So, let’s look at three of the cheapest plans you could get today.

Firstly, is the Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. The per therm rate is $0.499. This is the lowest rate of any fixed rate plan right now. There is a $150 ETF and $6.95 monthly charge. With this plan you can get water heater protection for free, a $71 value. HVAC protection for $19.95 per month is another add-on option.

Secondly, is the Xoom SureLock 12 with a $0.509 per therm rate. After four months of beating the competition with the lowest prices for fixed rate plans, Xoom takes second place this month. The plan has a $100 ETF and $5.85 monthly charge.  

Finally, is the Scana Energy 12 Month plan. This plan has a $0.559 per therm rate. Additionally, there is a $150 ETF and a $6.95 monthly charge.

Any of these plans is a great option to save money over a variable rate plan. And it is easy and fast to sign up. Simply visit us today at

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