Top 10 Packing Tips for Your GA Move

Keeping your move organized sounds hard for some folks but we'll show you how simple it can be with our 10 pakcing tips.

Prepare for Your GA Move

A move across town or across the state is often a confusing ordeal. Let us help you put it all together with our moving tips.
When you relocate your home, it often feels like your life has come apart. Let us help you put it all together with these packing tips to keep your move organized and simple.

Moving can be stressful, whether it takes you out of state or just around the corner. We want to make things easier on you. This includes helping you move your natural gas in Georgia. So, here are the top packing tips for your GA move.

Pack Smarter with 7 Top Tips

Packing for a move is always more complicated than you think. So, make the process easier with some great tips!

  1. Start with a solid foundation and get uniform boxes. You’ll need a few sizes, but for the boxes to stack neatly and safely, uniform boxes beat an assorted collection of delivery boxes.
  2. Pack hanging clothes on hangers. This makes packing and unpacking way faster!
  3. Declutter while you’re packing and you’ll have less to pack and unpack. This only works if you give yourself a little extra time. So don’t wait until the last minute.
  4. Label everything on multiple sides with a thick marker. No matter how a box gets packed, you want it to be easy to find the label when unpacking. Be specific about the contents and where boxes go at the new place.
  5. Don’t move empty space. Fill extra space in your boxes and drawers with unbreakable items like clothes, pillows, towels, blankets, coats, etc.
  6. Pack irreplaceable or important items together so you can easily keep track of them.
  7. If you are moving with kids, pack a special box for each of them to open quickly in your new home. Include comfort items, a change of clothes, some toys, even pajamas. In other words, everything they need to avoid rummaging through a dozen boxes.

How to Move Your Natural Gas in Georgia

Our last few tips are about the process of moving your natural gas. With so much happening on moving day, utilities might be an afterthought. So, take care of natural gas in your new home before your move and avoid delays in service!

  1. Check what plans and natural gas providers are available in your new zip code. Weigh your options and decide whether to transfer your current service or switch gas plans.
  2. Call your current natural gas supplier at least 10 days before your move. This is important to transition your current plan and service to the new place.
  3. Schedule a final meter reading to avoid charges for gas use at your old address after you move.

Natural gas providers in Georgia have different incentives to get you to switch or transfer your service when you move. For example, Georgia Natural Gas® offers a $25 credit for you to keep your services with them. It’s also possible an early termination fee could apply if you cancel services when you move.

Easily find and compare natural gas plans available at your new home when you visit

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