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Shop cheap rates and cut the cost of your Atlanta heating bills! There's still time to lock in a plan that meets your family's needs.
The heat is ON! Can’t afford your Atlanta natural gas rates? There’s still time to shop cheap rates for a plan that meets your family’s needs.

Can I Still Find Good Natural Gas Rates Atlanta?

The holiday season might be upon us, but we know Atlanta natural gas customers are already planning ahead for 2021. Of course, you know that now isn’t the thriftiest time to shop cheap rates and that if you’re not careful you could get stuck paying a higher rate as midwinter approaches. But, if you’re worried you’ve missed the boat for a good value 12 month plan, don’t fear! We’ve picked out the lowest-cost 12 month natural gas energy plans for Atlanta customers. So let’s take a look at which one is best for you.

What are the Best Gas Providers in Atlanta?

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) estimates the average Georgia customer uses 717 therms annually. So, taking this usage amount, the dollar per therm prices, and the monthly recurring charge, we calculated what the average Georgia customer might expect to pay over the course of the cheapest available 12 month plans. 

Natural Gas Rates from Infinite Energy

Firstly we have the 12 mo Fixed plan from Infinite Energy, the cheapest by about $40. It’s a simple, no-frills fixed plan from one of the first natural gas retail suppliers in Georgia. (N.B. – Gas South  has acquired Infinite Energy).

$0.449 per therm x 717 therms = $322

$5.95 recurring charge x 12 months = $71

12 month plan total = $393

Shop Cheap Rates From Georgia Natural Gas

Next up is 12-Month Fixed w/$100 bill credit from Georgia Natural Gasour customers’ highest rated provider.

$0.499 per therm x 717 therms = $358

$5.99 recurring charge x 12 months = $72

12 month plan total = $430

This is a discounted rate available to customers who sign up before December 4th – so get in quick. And they will apply a $100 bill credit to your first bill, potentially making this a better deal than Infinite Energy’s 12 Month Fixed.

Natural Gas Rates from Constellation

Thirdly, Constellation offers its basic 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. This gas plan portion offers a $0.489 per therm rate and $7.95 monthly charge. So the natural gas component of your final bill will be the same: approximately $446.

$0.489 dollars per therm x 717 therms = $351

$7.95 recurring charge x 12 months = $95

12 month plan total = $446

On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying extra for peace of mind, Constellation offers 12 month plans at the same basic $0.489 dollars per therm rate that also provide additional protection at extra cost.

 Water Heater Protectionyou get water heater protection – valued at $71 – for free.

A/C Protect $12.95/Month$12.95/Month x 12 = $155 extra per year to protect your home’s AC system.

Heat Protect $12.95/Month$12.95/Month x 12 = $155 extra per year to protect your home’s heating system.

Protect Plus $19.95/Month$19.95/Month x 12 = $239 extra per year to protect your water heater, AC, and home heating system.

Protect Premier $24.95/Month$24.95/Month x 12 = $299 extra per year to protect your water heater, AC, and home heating system –plus in-home electrical and annual HVAC tune-up.

Compare Natural Gas Prices

At we like to keep things simple for you during complicated times. Atlanta customers can always depend on our information and resources to shop cheap rates and grab the best value natural gas plan to keep them and their loved ones warm in 2021.

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