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What’s the Best June Deal for Me?

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Natural gas prices are rising with the summer temperatures. Check out the money-saving incentives for this 24 fixed rate plan this month!

The pressure’s on for Atlanta energy shoppers. You’ve seen gas rates spike over recent months. And with the national weather service releasing a sweaty weather outlook for this summer, energy prices are only going to climb. So locking in a cheap fixed natural gas rate now is a must! But where do you start? Well, this month we’ll be looking at one of the best money-saving features many shoppers overlook: plan incentives. And we’ll be doing so with the help of our plan of the month for June: the 24-Month Fixed from Georgia Natural Gas®. Bear in mind, however, that it’s only available for new Georgia Natural Gas® customers signing up before June 4th. So if you like what you see, get moving! 

Plan of the Month for June: Basic Rundown

Let’s start with the basics. This plan comes with an 81.9 cents per therm rate. Whilst that’s not exactly cheap, it’s not too pricey either. The $6.99 – $9.99 monthly recurring charge does run pretty steep. But bear in mind that, with the right incentives, some shoppers might be happy splashing out a little extra. So let’s see how Georgia Natural Gas® sweetens the deal!

Incentive 1: Graded Exit Fee

First of all, Georgia Natural Gas® offers a graded exit fee of $200 – $50 for this plan. The $200 fee applies for the first 6 months of your contract, and from then on $50 is shaved off every 6 months. So, for example, jumping ship at the 20 month mark will cost you just $50. XOOM, by contrast, would charge you the full $200 on their flat-rate exit fee model! So if you think it’s likely you’ll switch off your long-term plan early, this is a real bonus that could help you dodge hefty fees.

Incentive 2: Green Credentials

Some GA shoppers might be keen to cut down on their environmental footprint. Well, with this plan, Georgia Natural Gas® will automatically sign up customers to their Greener Life carbon offset program. Usually this costs $4.99 per month, but with this plan, you’ll get the first 6 months for free.

Incentive 3: Exit Fee Credits

Now, for customers shopping around to leave their current contract with a different provider, factoring in pricey exit fees can be a pain – and a drain on your wallet. But if you choose this plan, Georgia Natural Gas® will credit you with up to $150 to cover the cost of jumping ship from your current plan. That’s a substantial amount of money back in your pocket, which for some shoppers could be a real lifeline.

Shop Plan of the Month for June Today!

So that’s that on incentives, folks! Whilst this plan isn’t the cheapest rate of the bunch, it comes wrapped up in money-saving incentives that could make a real dent on your bills. For some of you, this could be worth the extra few cents per therm. The lesson here? Beelining now for the cheapest rate on the market could see you missing out on an incentive-rich offer that’s better tailored to your needs. So make sure you keep an eye on the small print! You can shop this plan of the month for June, and take a look at other incentives on offer at

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