Compare These Natural Gas Suppliers in Valdosta

Stretch your natural gas savings even further this winter with these featured plans from the best gas suppliers in Valdosta.

Compare Gas Valdosta Suppliers and Save

These Valdosta suppliers are offering the lowest priced therms on the best natural gas plans. Shop now to lock in savings for the winter and longer!
Save more on your natural gas heating bills with the lowest priced therms from these featured Valdosta gas suppliers. Shop now to lock in savings for this winter and longer!

Most of us are in for higher natural gas bills as winter rolls in. If you’re on a tight budget, this simply isn’t good news. However, there is a silver lining! In Valdosta, Georgia Gas Savings is currently featuring three natural gas plans that could help you cut those natural gas costs. In fact, when you shop and compare natural gas plans, you give yourself the best shot to lower your gas bill. So, let’s compare these featured natural gas suppliers in Valdosta.

Featured Natural Gas Suppliers in Valdosta

Each of the plans is at their lowest price in the past year. These kind of savings are coming at a great time with a strong El Niño winter forecast looming for Georgia! Let’s check these plans out and see which provider offers you the best chance to save.

First is the Constellation 24-Month Home Natural Gas Plan. For a 24-month plan, it is well priced at$0.599 per therm. That is two years of savings you get at a cheap rate. But the rate isn’t as low as our other featured plans. Additionally, there’s a $150 ETF and $7.95 monthly charge.

Next is the Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed Plan. This plan has incentives designed to draw new customers. Specifically, the rate of$0.549 per therm is a 20-cent discount for new customers only. There is also an exit fee credit up to $200 if you are leaving another fixed-rate plan before the term is up. Additionally, you get Greener Life® free for 12 months. There is a $50-$100 ETF and $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge.

Finally, we have the Scana Energy 18-Month plan. At $0.549 per therm it’s tied for cheapest of these featured plans. Better yet, that cheap rate will carry you through two winters with an 18-month term. That sets you up to shop for your next plan in the spring shoulder months and continue saving! There is a $200 ETF and $6.95 monthly charge.

Choose Your New Natural Gas Plan Today

Of these natural gas suppliers, my pick would have to be the Scana Energy 18-Month plan. You get the cheapest rate of the bunch, and you keep it through two winters, when natural gas use is the highest. However, if you are trying to get out of a fixed-rate contract but can’t afford the ETF, the Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed Plan is also a great choice.

Of course, everyone has different needs for their home. Compare more details of these and all the other plans in your area at

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