Easy Savings for Winter Home Heating

El Niño usually brings the cold and wet to Georgia. Learn how you can save more on your winter heating bills and shop cheap gas rates now!

Beat El Niño with Winter Heating Savings

Save on winter heating in Georgia with these great energy saving tips! A little caulking and sealing can go a long way to keep your natural gas bills lower.
El Niño means cooler and wetter weather for the south. Learn how you can save more on your winter heating in Georgia this winter.

We are heading into an El Niño winter. In fact, according to Atlanta News First, there is a 70% chance of a strong El Niño. Typically, this means a colder and wetter winter. For natural gas customers in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia, cold and wet weather translates to high gas bills as you try to keep warm. So, let’s look at some easy savings for winter home heating to keep your bills more manageable.

Best Savings Tips for Winter Heating

These energy savings tips can help save you the most money on your natural gas heating costs.

Sealing and Insulation keep the cold air out and warm air in all winter. Energy Star estimates that in Georgia the savings on heating and cooling can be as much as 14% when you add cost-effective sealing and insulation. Add caulk around drafty windows and weather strips to doors. Seal any other penetrations by wires or pipes to the home’s exterior. Finally, add insulation to crawl spaces, attics, and basements at a low cost.

Thermostat Settings make a huge impact on your natural gas bill. Save as much as 10% on heating when you set your thermostat back 7° for 8 hours per day. Additionally, keep the thermostat at the lowest setting you feel comfortable. Install a programmable thermostat to make these settings automatic.

Open Curtains when the sun is directly shining through the windows. Conversely, draw the curtains when the sun is not shining and at night. Also, consider insulated curtains to keep out the cold transferred through the windowpane from the rest of the room.

Clear Space Around Vents so warm air can circulate. This ensures your home will heat more evenly and you are using energy efficiently.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance to keep your heating system in good shape. And don’t forget to change the system’s air filters on a regular basis. That’s especially important in high use seasons like winter and summer.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan to create an updraft. This pushes warm air that rises to the ceiling back down and helps circulate it throughout the room. A low-speed setting is best to achieve this effect.

Best Savings Tips for Other Gas Appliances

Most of your energy costs come from heating and cooling. However, smart energy saving tips for your other gas appliances lower your gas bill, too.

Water Heater Settings are the next big player in the natural gas savings game after thermostat settings. Set your heater at 120°F for the ideal balance of savings, comfort, and safety.

Reduce Hot Water Use with shorter showers, doing laundry with cold water, and only running your dishwasher when full. These savings are small, but add up to a cheaper gas bill.

Dry Your Clothes just enough. Take the time to figure out the best setting for your gas dryer so clothes are fully dry but not over dry. Reducing the amount of time your dryer runs reduces your gas bill!

Save More on Your Winter Heating with Us

We’ve saved the best savings tip for last. When it comes to slashing your natural gas costs, nothing beats a low natural gas rate. The easiest way to shop for a natural gas plan that will keep the most money in your pocket is to compare plans side-by-side and all in one place. That is exactly what we provide at Georgia Gas Savings. Visit us today at https://www.georgiagassavings.com.

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