Natural Gas Deregulation In Georgia - Everything You Need To Know

The word deregulation, in this context, simply means that customers are no longer bound to a single natural gas provider. Before the natural gas industry was deregulated in Georgia, you would be stuck with a single provider attached to your part of town. The natural gas market in Georgia was deregulated to provide better value to you, the consumer. Now, companies have to work harder to gain customers, which means better deals, better offers and cheap natural gas prices. Additionally, you are free to choose which company you want to use in your home, which means you can keep looking until you find the lowest price.By using Georgia Gas Savings, you can make the most of the options that deregulation gives you. Our free service allows you to compare, contrast and research different natural gas providers in your local area. You can view different natural gas plans and prices, and once you've chosen, you can order your service at the click of a button

Timeline Of Deregulation In Georgia

It begins in 1997, with Senate Bill 215 being passed by the Georgia Legislature. This was officially signed into Georgian law by Governor Zell Miller in 1997. The bill gave control of natural gas to the Atlanta Gaslight Company. They could now distribute and store natural gas using their own facilities. Marketers could now sell this natural gas to the public. The PSC (Public Service Commission) was handed the job of managing deregulation. Deregulation officially begins on July 1, 1998. On September 1, 2002, House Bill 1568 took effect. This asked the PSC to set rules to protect and secure customer rights.

How Does Natural Gas Deregulation Benefit Me?

The deregulation of natural gas was a change that benefited many, many consumers. It put the power firmly in the hands of the people and opened the market to promote healthy competition. Now whether you're shopping for natural gas in Savannah or any other deregulated area you have a choice.

1. Customers are no longer shackled to a single provider in their area of town. This means they can shop around for low prices and great deals.

2. Since customers now have more options when choosing a provider, those providers will work harder. This is because they now have to stave off competition by producing cheaper plans and rates.

3. You can look around until you find a provider that offers excellent customer services and reliable products

4. If you find a provider who offers a lower price than what you're already paying, you can switch easily.

5. You can search for companies that offer fixed rate and variable plans. This allows you to permanently pay a low price of not be tied to a contract, respectively.

The deregulation of natural gas companies in Georgia was a consumer-driven change, and it helped to improve the natural gas market. Now, sites like ours have the ability to give you information from dozens of different providers, free of charge.

You can start your search today - just enter your zip code to find different plans in your local area!