5 things to Know About Natural Gas Rates and Plans in Georgia

Natural Gas in Georgia Plans Offer You Near-Unlimited Choice

The best thing about the natural gas industry in Gerogia is that it's deregulated. This gives consumers more choice, flexibility, and power in choosing a natural gas provider. But, when you're shopping around, what are the key things you should bear in mind? There are multiple different types of natural gas plans, and each has their own pros and cons. It's important to assess the plan you have chosen and determine whether it's right for you.

1. Fixed Rate Plans Are Locked

A fixed rate plan locks you into a contract with georgia gas companies. This means you are charged the same rate every single month until the contract ends. Because it's fixed, if you want to cancel mid-way through, you could be charged a cancellation fee. Double and triple-check the terms of the agreement before you sign.

2. Variable Rate Plans Are Flexible

If you desire more flexibility, then a fixed rate plan is the one for you. Variable rate plans can differ from month to month, which could mean your prices decrease. This price change depends on a number of factors, including the current state of the natural gas market. Variable plans are much more flexible and usually come with no locked contract.

3. Senior Citizen Discounts

It's vital that senior citizens are warm, comfortable and healthy in their homes. A reliable natural gas service will help them with just that, and in some cases they are eligible for a discounted rate. The exact terms and conditions for this discount can differ, so it's important to check with your natural gas provider. They'll be able to tell you if you qualify or not, which could impact your decision to switch companies. If you can get a senior citizen discount elsewhere, why not transfer? Usually, customers must fill out an application form to apply for the discount. Household income is factored in, too. Customers with an income of below $12,000 are able to receive reductions of up to $14.00 off their monthly bill.

4. Strategically Choose Your Plans

Customers who choose a variable plan initially aren't locked into a contract. This means that, if natural gas rates fall, they can switch to a cheap fixed rate plan easily. On the other hand, if you choose a fixed plan upfront, you can't simply switch out of it. Be strategic when you first choose a plan, and consider whether you want to be locked in or more flexible.

5. No Two Companies Offer The Exact Same Plans

The natural gas market in Georgia is deregulated, and that means it's important you shop around. As with the senior citizens discount, different companies have different offers and requirements. Choosing the first provider you come across could mean you miss out on some big savings by simply waiting. Georgia Gas Savings can help you here, by providing you with an unbiased list of providers. By using our free service, you can research the different plans and providers available to you in your local area. You can enter your zip code to get started, or use our contact form to get in touch and ask any questions!

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