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Walton EMC Natural Gas is an affiliate of Walton EMC, a consumer owned electric cooperative serving 100,000 customers in 10 North Georgia counties for over 65 years.

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If you want to waste money...

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  Walton EMC is a gas services intermediary here in GA. With them getting paid to facilitate gas service for GNG, they are not a walk in the park to work with. Namely on renewal of service. The notification and renewal structure they have in place is more aligned with jacking up your price per therm than it is helping the customer get the best deal. They imply technology and other means to collect their fees (I literally got text messages when my bill was coming up, when it is due, when it is past due with links directly to the page to pay) but dont have the option to receive notification when my contract was about to expire and my price per therm was about to rise over 250%. We post it on 2 billing statements before your contact expires is the rhetoric they use, but when you thrust e-bill statements down my through every time I log in, I dont get the bill to see the notice. You literally have to log into your account, navigate to the actual PDF paper bill, not the account summary or ledger but download and view the bill, to see this information. This is a blatant failure to the customer which is why I emphatically implore people reading this to use another provider. Bill went from $60-$90/month to over $200/month due to contract expiration. It is obvious they would rather have your contract expire, even for a month, so they can take all of your money and potentially leave you out in the cold...

Brotha_MT from Lilburn
January 12th, 2021

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