What Is Green Gas?

Green Gas Is Changing The Way We Supply Our Homes

The modern home wouldn't be complete without heating and other gas-powered systems, like cookers. These systems are rapidly burning through our planet's supply of natural gas - a fossil fuel - and it won't last forever.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem - green gas. The term “green gas” refers simply to the process by which we manufacture the gas that's used in the home. Rather than using up all our fossil fuels, green gas is gas that's produced in a much more renewable fashion.

It's similar, in concept, to the way we create green electricity. Green gas could be the answer to an unlimited supply of natural gas, able to be used long after all our fossil fuels have been burned up.

How Does Green Gas Work?

On your side - the side of the consumer - there will be no difference in service quality. You can still turn on the heating used to warm your home, and still use all your gas-based systems as normal.

On the production side of things, however, the process is quite different. Green gas is largely generated through the use of organic plant products which are processed in a gas mill. These organic products - for example, grass - are broken down in an oxygen-deprived environment. This process creates the green gas itself, and by using plant-products, we have an infinite supply of fuel.

This gas is then taken and, as with normal gas, is placed into circulation in the gas grid. The green gas mixes with the regular old methane, minimizing the environmental impact of the gas in circulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Gas?

1. It's renewable, and infinite. As long as we keep growing biodegradable, plant-based products, we can create green gas

2. There is no effect on your home, or any gas-based systems in your home. Green gas functions in exactly the same way as regular gas.

3. In the future, when the process becomes more prominent, it could help create lower gas bills. It could even eliminate them altogether. We could produce infinite amounts of gas at a lower cost, and these savings would be passed onto the consumers.

4. The process of creating green gas also leaves us with a natural fertilizer, which can be used to improve the soil quality of farmers fields. This fertilizer can be used in place of any synthetic products that are currently used, that cause harm to the environment.

Georgia Gas Savings Can Help You Go Green

Many of the gas companies in Georgia we list plans for are actively looking into green gas and energies. Commerce Energy, for example, offers a scheme wherein 100% of the carbon emissions generated by your home are offset.

You can start by entering your zip code into our system, and we'll take it from there! Atlanta natural gas companies, Augusta natural gas companies, we cover them all! Once we've generated a list of plans for your local area, you can click the company logo to learn more about that provider.