Senior Citizen Discounts

Senior citizens who have retired are often living on fixed and limited incomes. To ease this situation, Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGL) offers a senior citizen discount that is applied to their natural gas service in the form of a bill credit. The credit is approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) which established qualifying criteria for those wishing to receive the senior citizen discount.

Who Can Apply

This discount applies to all senior citizens living in Georgia, whether they are shopping for natural gas service in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, or Savannah. Every senior citizen is eligible for the cheapest natural gas rate.

How to Apply for the Senior Citizen Discount

Eligible seniors will be able to receive up to $14.00 in bill credit toward the AGL charges on their monthly bill. To be eligible for the discount, customers must meet the following:
  • Customers must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Must currently live at the address where the discount is to be applied.
  • Must have a total combined gross income of $14,355 or less.
Official senior citizen discount applications are available from the GA PSC and AGL: Completed applications must mailed to AGL.

Other Senior Citizen Gas Discounts

The best natural gas marketers in Georgia also offer their own discounts to senior citizens. Some discounts are modest while others are attached to certain types of fixed rate or variable plans. To make sure you get the best deal at the lowest rate, contact your natural gas supplier and ask them about their available senior citizen discounts.