Natural Gas Savings Tips

While natural gas is a safe and economical product, there are always tips that can make it even more economical. These tips are brought to you by all the gas companies in Georgia, be they Natural gas providers in Columbus, Georgia, or gas providers in Roswell, Georgia.

Furnace -

Because your furnace works quietly and dependably, it might not cross your mind to remember to pay attention to it.

  • A clean and well serviced furnace will be an economical furnace.
  • Have it professionally inspected once a year for safety.
  • Change the filter every three months to prevent clogging.
  • Change the filter monthly if you have pets or smoke.
  • Reset your thermostat when you are home to 68 degrees F and 65 F when at work or asleep.
  • Keep the area around the furnace free of clutter.

Hot Water Heater -

Your hot water heater is another of those natural gas appliances that you don't usually have to think about.

  • For safety and comfort, set the thermostat to 120 degrees F.
  • Adding an insulation jacket to the water heater can help keep the tank warmer longer.
  • Drain and flush sediments and lime scale from the tank once a year.
  • Have the heater professionally inspected periodically for safety. All water heaters have an anode rod to protect them from rust.

Your Stove -

  • Turn stove burners off when not in use. Leaving them on not only wastes gas but is also dangerous.
  • Never use your stove to heat the kitchen.

Your home keeps you warm and comfortable, so do it a favor by inspecting it inside and out.

Inside - Check around doors and windows for loose fitting and air gaps.

  • Apply weather stripping where needed around openings.
  • Caulk around the frames to prevent heat loss.
  • Caulk around pipes and wires that emerge from the wall from outside.

Outside - Walk around your home.

  • Caulk and seal around all vents, pipes, and wires where they enter exterior walls.
  • Caulk and seal around door and window frames to prevent heat loss.
  • Keep the area around your gas meter clear of brush, weeds, and other yard debris.

Yourself -

Dress a little bit more warmly for winter weather and save money on your natural gas bill.