Filing a Complaint

Filing a Complaint

With any relationship there comes a time when a disagreement takes place, and even with a relationship with the best Georgia gas provider it may also happen. The gas companies in Georgia wish to provide the best product and customer service to you, their customer. To solve any problem it is always best to begin with the two parties involved. If after a reasonable length of time you still have a problem, you may file a complaint with the Georgia Public Service Commission. They will work with you to resolve problems between you and your natural gas provider and investigate any violations.

PSC Information -

Georgia Public Service Commission 244 Washington Street, SW Atlanta, Georgia 30334

In Georgia Toll Free: (800) 282-5813 Metro Atlanta: (404) 656-4501 Fax (404) 656-2341 E-mail:

To File Online -

Use the Georgia Public Service Commission Consumer Complaint Form


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