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  My apartment was in a fire on 9/11/208, I called in the week after to cancel my service, however, my service was never canceled, I am not sure why? I spoke to so many customer reps to resolved the problem everyone I spoke to before Ms. Marrie, was being rude and very disrespectful until I email customer service with pictures of my burn apartment building and my statement of when I moved out on 9/11/2018 because of the fire. They were still billing me for the service even though no one was living in the unit because of the fire.

I email customer service with pictures of my apartment building BURN DOWN and the statement of me move out on 9/11/2018 and Marrie Castilon was the only person who helps me out of the 5 or 7 other people I spoke to before. she called me the day after I send my email and my problem was resolved she took care of the outstanding balance of what I was billed for. I am so grateful for her help everyone else I spoke to assume I wasn't telling the truth. Thank Marrie Castilon!!! I am so great full for your help!!! and resolving the issue.

Thia from Smyrna
April 19th, 2019

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