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Which company has the best natural gas prices in Macon?

This graph shows the lowest  rates for Macon
Rates as of 1/21/2019

Which natural gas plans in Macon are the cheapest?

Rate Plan / Provider Term
$ 0.365 per therm Constellation

24 Month Metro Home Plan
24 months
$ 0.369 per therm Constellation

12 Month Metro Home Plan
12 months
$ 0.399 per therm SCANA Energy

Introductory Variable Rate Plan
1 month
$ 0.469 per therm SCANA Energy

12 Month Fixed Rate Plan
12 months
$ 0.469 per therm SCANA Energy

18 Month Fixed Rate Plan
18 months
$ 0.490 per therm Gas South

12 Month Term
12 months
$ 0.870 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 36
36 months
$ 0.880 per therm Just Energy

Rate Shield 24
24 months

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Reviews from Macon:

Constellation switch

(4.6 / 5)

  Good info, easy to do, accomplished, with savings! 

Steve from Macon
September 17th, 2018

Gas South review

(4.6 / 5)

  I've been with them for years and I've never had a problem. 

MMitchell from Macon
November 16th, 2016

Ok, Not Great. Also not the worst

(3.6 / 5)

  I had Georgia Natural gas for about 2 years. They were fine, until a nasty winter and my gas was off for a couple days. Then my rates got way jacked up, and I have no idea why. I switched to Scanna, and have since been bathed in the warm glow of their natural gas embrace. There bills are cheap.  

Savio from Macon
September 1st, 2016

Gas South is Pretty Good

(3.4 / 5)

  I ordered Gas South and had them for a year. Overall, the experience was OK, I guess. It was about the same as other Gas Providers I've had. They had a real good rate when I first signed up, but they weren't the cheapest guy on the market when I needed a new contract so I went elsewhere. I will say I had to call a couple times and I felt like I waited on the phone FOREVER.  

David F. from Macon
August 25th, 2016

Wow, they really need to come up to the 21st century

(2.4 / 5)

  Price for Gas is great, the problem with this company is their technology is pathetic, it is a challenge every time I go on line to pay my bill or something,, they are using a payment service so it costs extra to pay on line but I can deal with that,, the main problem is the website is very slow and messes up all the time,, then I hit live chat and it doesn't work either,, I am probably changing companies just because of the headaches involved..  

Jarrett a real user from Macon
March 30th, 2018

Updated: 01-22-2019
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