Compare Most Stable Gas Prices In Atlanta

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October's a tricky time to shop for stable gas prices. Your best choice: find out which company tends to resist price increases!
It’s a tough choice if you need a new gas plan. Rates are climbing. If you wait for the shoulder month pricing, you might be disappointed. If you buy now, you might be disappointed. Your best choice: find out which company tends to resist price increases!

Should I be Watching for Stable Atlanta Gas Prices?

It’s a tricky time of year for Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) customers looking for stable gas prices. Pressure is mounting to lock in a money-saving energy plan for winter. And while prices are rising, the shoulder months are just around the corner! That means providers with greater seasonal volatility might offer better discounts soon. However, if their prices keep rapidly increasing, you could do better shopping now. It’s a minefield, right? Well, using our own data, and the 2019-2021 reports from the Georgia Public Service Comission (GA PSC), we’re here to help you decide where to shop, and when. Let’s take a look. 

Wait and See on These Natural Gas Rates

Constellation rates have seen a similar increase generally over the past year, including during the spring shoulder months. And again, the rate of increase has accelerated over summer. Last December saw a slight dip – but given the quickening increase and lack of spring shoulder month discount this year, don’t bank on Constellation offering significant fall discounts.

Most Georgia Natural Gas rates have increased to 60 cents per therm, or thereabouts, over the past year – but only gradually. Additionally, the spring shoulder months saw marginal discounts. So with a slower rate of change, and the shoulder month discounts possible (if small), holding out for a shoulder month GNG offer is unlikely to hurt! Watch out if you’re looking for a no-contract plan, however – GNG’s market intro plan hiked up 10 cents per therm since August.

Shop These Natural Gas Plans in Atlanta Now

Gas South fixed rates have been increasing across the board this past year. Plus, a quickening of price rises since June has pushed most plans above the 60 cents per therm mark. Whilst their 6 month plan did see a significant dip in spring this year, their longer plans show less seasonal volatility. So if you’re shopping for the long-term, don’t be shy about shopping Gas South now!

XOOM’s Atlanta plan rates have stayed flat around 40 cents per therm since June. And, per the PSC reports, their standard fixed and variable plans have both been in the cheapest two offerings on the market from 2019 right through ‘til now. So they appear the stablest of the bunch – and stably cheap to boot!


Finally, Scana: there’s not much Atlanta info available here, save that their intro rate has remained at 40 cents per therm since April. With other providers hiking their intro rates, Scana could prove the most stable bet for ultra short-term fixes.

Stable Gas Prices in Atlanta

So, whilst timing your energy plan sign-up might seem a gamble this time of year, we’re here to help you up your odds! Use our above tips to decide which providers are worth waiting for, and which you should lock in now. And remember: you can always shop and compare stable gas prices in Atlanta at

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