About Georgia Gas Savings

Georgia Gas Savings understands that the deregulated natural gas market can be a complex and confusing place to navigate alone.

When customers rate, everyone wins.

Understanding the ins and outs of deregulated electricity and natural gas can take years.

People need to understand the different kinds of natural gas plans and the contract terms, how to understand the kilowatt-per-hour pricing structure, the roles and responsibilities of the retail natural gas providers, company reputations and where customer incentive and rewards programs fit into the picture.

Our founders and employees have had the same good and bad experiences with deregulated natural gas as the people visiting this website.

That is why we created Georgia Gas Savings: a place where people can come and share their own stories of the different natural gas providers and read through the experiences of others. Our mission is to provide not only a site where people can compare the different prices on available natural gas plans but to create a community with one goal: to provide all of the resources and help people need to find the best natural gas plan that fits their needs.

Until Georgia Gas Savings, there was not a single website where people could research all of the information they needed to make an educated decision about their natural gas provider.

Georgia Gas Savings believes it is important to offer people a place where they can share their good and bad experiences with deregulated natural gas with the world and help paint an accurate picture of the Georgia gas market, as well as take an active hand in the market themselves.

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