How to Shop and Compare Natural Gas Rates in GA

Fine print, fees, and other charges means there's more to compare than just natural gas plan base prices. Find out how to shop the lowest rates in GA!

How Do I Choose a Natural Gas Provider?

Compare natural gas rates and plans in Georgia. Spring pricing may be lower than expected so find out the best way to save on your energy needs!
Spring shoulder month pricing is on the way. Just remember that fine print, fees, and other charges means there’s more to compare than just natural gas plan base prices. Find out how to make sure you shop the best plan rates in Georgia.

When it comes to natural gas providers in Georgia, you have options. But how do you make the best choice? The easiest way to get the best natural gas plan is to compare options side-by-side. However, you might be surprised there is more to compare than base prices. It’s time we show you how to shop and compare natural gas rates in Georgia.

The Cheapest Natural Gas Provider in GA

Comparing the base rates of available gas plans is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, simply choosing the cheapest price right now might not save the most money on your gas bill in Georgia long-term. Retail natural gas prices are sinking after skyrocketing last year. But, because gas prices are lowest in the off-peak spring months, it’s likely prices will drop in March and April. Holding out for lower prices with a month-to-month variable rate plan is a smart bet!

More to Compare to Save on Gas in GA

Besides base pricing, what else should you compare when shopping for a natural gas plan? Start by looking at other fees. Recurring monthly charges show up on each bill and are similar across providers. But even a $5 difference adds up! Also be aware of early termination fees and deposits.

Pay attention to what happens at the end of your term as well. Many providers automatically enroll customers into their standard variable rate plan. This is often a higher rate. To avoid the possible bill increase, pay attention to the date your contract ends and prepare to shop new plans.

Finally, compare any incentives providers have for signing up. Some companies offer credits, intro rates, and more.

Compare 3 Natural Gas Plans in GA

Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed Plan: At $0.629 per therm, Georgia Natural Gas® has the cheapest rate right now. This is also the lowest rate for the plan in 12 months. Expect to pay monthly charges between $5.99 and $8.99, a $150 deposit, and a $50 to $100 for early termination. At the end of the term, the provider rolls you into their standard variable rate plan (currently $2.56 per therm). As an incentive to switch providers, Georgia Natural Gas® will pay up to $200 in exit fees if you cancel another fixed-rate plan.

SCANA Energy Introductory Variable Rate: At $0.743 per therm, this is a great variable rate! However, as an introductory rate, it rolls into the SCANA Energy standard variable rate after the first month (currently $1.99 per therm). Expect to pay $5.95 in monthly charges, a possible $150 deposit, but no ETF. Enjoy a $5 credit per bill on the first 20 bills!

Gas South BridgePlan Variable: At $1.850 per therm, you’ll pay a higher rate, but there is a tradeoff. This plan is available to customers with poor credit and does not require a deposit. The BridgePlan rate has fluctuated between $1.49 and $2.19 the last 12 months; customers may see similar rates going forward. Enjoy $5 bill credits the first 10 months!

Your Best Choice for Natural Gas in GA

For customers looking to save, consider the SCANA Energy Introductory Variable Rate plan. In comparison, it provides a cheap price, low fees, and a chance to wait for spring to lock in a lower fixed-rate. Your best choice for natural gas in Georgia is always to compare plans. We make it easy to compare anything and everything at Visit us today!

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