Three Reasons to Use Prepaid Gas Plans in Atlanta

Many natural gas providers in Georgia check credit histories and require a deposit. For some customers, a prepaid gas plan offers a no credit and no commitment solution.

It Pays to Go Prepaid Natural Gas

A prepaid gas plan can help you avoid expensive problems if you have bad credit, no credit, or just need a commitment-free solution.
Find out why how to make a prepaid gas plan work for you. If you have credit problems or just need a commitment-free solution, learn how It Pays to Go Prepaid!

Are you struggling to find a natural gas plan in Atlanta that fits your needs? It’s time you checked out the Georgia Natural Gas® Pre-Pay Plan. Prepaid plans estimate monthly bills and charge you at the beginning rather than the end of the month. When Georgia Natural Gas® reads your meter, they determine if you over or underpaid that month and apply the difference to your next bill. It might seem a little strange, but prepaid gas plans come with great perks. Find out the three main reasons you should use a prepaid gas plan in Atlanta.  

No Credit, No Problem with Prepaid Gas

The first reason to get a prepaid plan is no credit checks. Natural gas providers in Georgia will often check your credit before approving you. This can be a problem for customers building credit or rebuilding damaged credit. But the Georgia Natural Gas® Pre-Pay Plan does not require a credit check. By paying upfront, your provider does not have to worry about whether you can pay your natural gas bill at the end of the month. This makes your credit history less of a factor.

Prepaying Gas Keeps Money in Your Pocket

The second reason to sign up for a prepaid gas plan is no deposit. As you shop for natural gas plans in Atlanta, you’ll notice many plans require a deposit. If your budget is tight, a hefty deposit is hard to manage. Providers collect this deposit as insurance in case a customer fails to pay a bill. But when you prepay for gas, the provider doesn’t have to make allowances for unpaid bills. So, the Georgia Natural Gas® Pre-Pay Plan doesn’t require a deposit. This keeps up to $150 in your pocket!

Sweet Incentives with Prepaid Gas

The third reason to go for a prepaid gas plan is a handful of sweet incentives. Georgia Natural Gas® currently offers a $5 credit per month for 12 months and a $40 welcome credit. Additionally, with timely payments for 12 months, you can build your credit with the provider and eventually qualify for lower rate plans. Finally, if you’re switching natural gas providers, Georgia Natural Gas® will pay up to $200 in early fixed contract exit fees.

More Details on Prepaid Natural Gas

Before you sign up for your prepaid gas plan, there are a few more details you should know. Georgia Natural Gas® Pre-Pay Plan does not require a contract, so you can switch anytime without penalty. Also, You can expect a recurring monthly charge of $8.99. Finally, the provider charges a variable rate on the prepaid plan, currently $1.999/therm. Though this rate is quite high, retail natural gas prices have dropped sharply to start the year. That is a trend we might expect to tickle down to prepaid plans as well!

Shop Prepay Gas with Georgia Gas Savings

If the three reasons to go prepaid we shared today appeal to you, it’s time to shop natural gas plans today. Although the Georgia Natural Gas® Pre-Pay Plan is more expensive than others, it’s a great option to get you on the right path and save some money with credits. Compare prepaid plans and more at now!

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