Here Are the Low-Cost Natural Gas Rate Leaders for Georgia

Our Natural Gas Rate Leaders in Georgia offer some of the best low-cost plans. But not everyone needs the same deal. Learn which one is right for you!

Which Low-Cost Natural Gas Plan Is Best?

Our Low-Cost Georgia Gas leaders ffer great deals. Find out what to look for to fit your home's needs.
Finding the best gas plan for your home can be tough. Find out which low-cost natural gas leader is offering the best deal for your needs.

Today in Georgia, there are a variety of natural gas plans with cheap rates. The lowest rates are introductory offers on variable rate plans. But those intro rates only last a month or two. Still, the plans are so much cheaper, is it worth it to grab the savings and then switch to a fixed rate? On the other hand, is it better to grab a cheap 12-month plan and lock in a guaranteed rate for the year? We’ll answer these questions by comparing plans from the low-cost natural gas rate leaders for Georgia.

Low-Cost Variable Rate Leaders

Ranked from least to most expensive, here are the variable rate plans with super-low intro rates available now.

Scana Energy Introductory Variable Rate

  • Low intro rate of $0.339 per therm for one month.
  • Bonus Incentive: $5 credit on first 20 bills.

Georgia Natural Gas® Market Intro Plan

  • Low intro rate of $0.349 per therm for two months.
  • Caveat: New customers only!

Gas South Acquisition Variable

  • Low intro rate of $0.399 per therm for one month.
  • Bonus Incentives: $5 credit on first four bills and no deposit.

Low-Cost Georgia Gas Fixed Rate Leaders

Ranked lowest to highest, here are the low-rate leaders for 12-month fixed-rate plans.

Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan

  • $0.549 per therm rate.

Xoom Energy SureLock 12

  • $0.559 per therm rate.

How to Choose Your Low-Cost Gas Plan in Georgia

One important thing to remember about the intro rate plans is that the rate will jump up to the provider’s standard variable rate in no time. For example, for the low-cost leader, Scana Energy, their intro $0.339 per therm variable rate is currently $1.699 according to the Georiga PSC. Therefore, compared to a fixed rate, it’s unlikely you will save money by sticking with a standard variable rate.

However, jumping on an intro rate for a month or two can be a smart strategy. But you have to time it right. We’re in the fall shoulder months when demand is low. Because low demand can often lead to lower rates, you could be seeing the lowest prices of the year right now. After a month or two on a variable rate natural gas plan, you put yourself in the position of shopping for fixed-rate plans in the winter months when demand is higher.

Instead of focusing on very short-term savings, opt for a strategy that saves more long term. Today that strategy is a cheap fixed-rate plan!

And the Winner Is…

Yep, you guessed it. Our pick for low-cost rate leader this month is the Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. It’s the fixed-rate plan with the lowest rate and it will help you save all year. Then, when it’s time to get a new plan, you will once again be shopping in the fall shoulder months. That gives you the best opportunity to find another cheap rate. Get your plan now at

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