Shop the Best Natural Gas Provider in Savannah

Shop the best natural gas providers for you home and really save your bacon if rates climb this winter. Check out these top suppliers now!

Compare Cheapest Natural Gas Providers

Shop these best natural gas providers in Savannah to lock in the lowest rates for winter or longer!
Save more of your bacon this winter when you shop these best natural gas providers in Savannah. Check which plans can help you save more this winter or longer!

The fall shoulder months are ending. But natural gas customers in Savannah still have time to lock-in a cheap natural gas rate with a fixed-rate plan. Henry Hub spot prices have climbed steadily since May and could be on the verge of a bigger jump if it’s a cold winter up north. However, summer production was high and there’s a lot of stored natural gas. So many natural gas plans in Georgia have dropped prices since May! That all means switching to a new plan now is a smart move. Compare and shop these best natural gas providers in Savannah and make your pick today.  

Shop Best Georgia Natural Gas® Plans

Firstly, we’ll compare a couple cheap plans from Georgia Natural Gas®.

12-Month Fixed Plan

  • $0.549 per therm
  • $50-100 ETF
  • $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge

18-Month Fixed Plan

  • $0.599 per therm
  • $50-$150 ETF
  • $6.99-$9.99 monthly charge

Both plans feature a rate discount of 20 cents per therm for new customers only. Additionally, the plans offer Greener Life® free for 12 months. For a final bonus, when switching from another fixed rate contract, you can get up to a $200 credit for exit fees. The 18-month plan is about 10% more expensive than the 12-month plan and has a higher monthly charge. However, 18 months will take you through two winters at a cheap rate.

Shop Best Constellation Plans

Next, we compare two plans from Constellation.

12 Month A/C Protect Premier

  • $0.549 per therm
  • $150 ETF
  • $7.95 monthly charge
  • 12 months water heater protect for free ($71)
  • A/C and furnace protection available for $24.95 per month

12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan

  • $0.549 per therm
  • $150 ETF
  • $7.95 monthly charge

The basics of these plans are identical. So, given the choice between the two, the 12 Month A/C Protect Premier packs more of a punch with the free add-on for your water heater and the option of paying for A/C and furnace protection.

Shop Best Scana Energy Plans

Finally, we compare the best Scana Energy plans.

12 Month

  • $0.559 per therm
  • $150 ETF
  • $6.95 monthly charge

18 Month

  • $0.549 per therm
  • $200 ETF
  • $6.95 monthly charge

Scana Energy is clearly looking to pull in some long-term customers by offering an 18-month plan that is actually cheaper than their 12-month plan! Not only that, but this 18-month plan is also tied for the cheapest of all plans we compared today. Their monthly charges are also among the lowest of these providers. And once again, with the 18-month plan, your new cheap natural gas rate will get you through two full winters.

Lock-In Rates with Best Gas Provider Today

In conclusion, my pick for the best natural gas plan of the day is the Scana Energy 18 Month plan. We have enjoyed falling gas prices since the beginning of 2023, and with this gas plan, you can keep riding that wave for the next year and a half!

Of course, every customer’s needs are different. Finding a plan with the lowest natural gas rates now can help you save on your heating bills this winter. Be sure to check out these and other plans at

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