Lowest Natural Gas Rates in Macon

Shop the lowest gas rates now before winter cold pushes prices higher! Freeze in a low rate plan now and save all next year!

Cut Bills with Lowest Gas Plan Rates

Shop the lowest gas rates for your Georgia home now! Prices are cheap but they might not last long once winter starts!
Don’t let rising natural gas prices add to your winter bills. Shop the lowest gas rates in Macon now and save more all next year!

School has started and the holidays are right around the corner. In other words, you may be finding yourself with added expenses in your monthly budget. If you’re struggling to trim your spending, then take a look at your natural gas plan. Many plans are at their lowest rates of the year right now, significantly lower than last year. To help you save, let’s check out the lowest natural gas rates in Macon.

Lowest Gas Rates for 12 Month Plans

These three plans all feature low rates. But with gas prices predicted to rise this winter, some of these plans may change their rates sooner than others. And that’s important to know about if you’re not sure about the kind of plan you need.

Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed

  • $0.599 per therm rate
  • $50-100 ETF,
  • $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge

This cheap rate offers a discount of $0.15 per therm for new customers only. But everyone gets Greener Life® free for 12 months and a credit up to $200 for fixed-contract exit fees. When gas prices dropped steeply at the beginning of the year, Georgia Natural Gas® was also quick to drop their prices. This current rate is their lowest of the year.  

Scana Energy 12 Month

  • $0.599 per therm rate
  • $150 ETF
  • $6.95 monthly charge

Unlike the above competitor, this cheap rate is available to any customer. Scana Energy was not as quick to drop their rates at the beginning of the year, but they caught up. This current rate is also their lowest of the year.

Gas South Fixed 12 Month

  • $0.610 per therm rate
  • $150 ETF
  • $6.65-$9.95 monthly charge

Gas South charges a higher rate. However, they do offer a $5 bill credit per month for the first four months to balance things out some. Additionally, this provider does not require a deposit. Gas South lagged just slightly in dropping prices at the beginning of the year. But the current rate is their lowest in 12 months.

The Best 12 Month Natural Gas Plan

Each plan above has great potential to save you some money on your natural gas bill. But the plan below is our pick for best savings through the next year.

Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan

  • $0.549 per therm rate
  • $150 ETF
  • $7.95 monthly charge

With Constellation you get the cheapest rate, which delivers the most savings. Looking at the supply charge for the gas alone, you’ll save about $35-$44 over 12 months compared to the other plans. You can also opt-into water heater protection free for 12 months or their AC+furnace protection for $24.95 per month.

Pick A Plan That Works for You

With all these plans, you can’t go wrong when you simply make the choice that works best for you. Again, keep in mind that many of these providers adjust their rates quickly when the cost of natural gas goes up. As demand increases in the next month or two, costs and provider rates could likely follow. That makes today a great time to lock in a low rate for the next year. Visit us to pick out your plan at https://www.georgiagassavings.com.

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