Which 12 Month Gas Plans in Atlanta Are the Best?

It's not easy to shop the best 12 Month gas plans. We take out the guess work to help you understand your choices for your home so you can save more.

Spring Savings Bloom with 12 Month Gas Plans

Shop 12 Month Gas plans for Georgia now! Learn which ones are still great deals and can save you the most money.
With rates still low in Georgia, there’s still time to grab a great 12 month gas deal. Find out the ones that can save you the most on your bills.

When I first started paying my own utility bills, I didn’t realize I had options besides variable rate plans. But now I know from experience that locking in a cheap rate with a 12 month plan saves you money on natural gas. Fortunately, this year, natural gas spring savings have hung on into May. In fact, Henry Hub monthly spot prices show natural gas dropped 33% from the start of the year. Given that, it’s the ideal time to lock in your rate. So, let’s take a look at which 12-month gas plans in Atlanta are best.

Top Choices for 12 Month Gas Plans

Check out these four solid choices for your natural gas 12 month plan in Atlanta.

Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan

  • $0.589 per therm.
  • $7.95 monthly recurring charge and $150 ETF.
  • Automatic renewal to variable or fixed rate plan (90 days to cancel with no ETF).

Georgia Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed Plan

  • $0.629 per therm.
  • Rate is a $0.012 discount for new customers only.
  • Greener Life® free for 6 months.
  • Up to $200 in fixed contract exit fees credited.
  • $5.99-$8.99 monthly recurring charge and $50-$100 ETF.
  • Automatic renewal to variable rate plan.

Scana Energy 12 Month

  • $0.659 per therm.
  • $5 bill credit on first ten bills.
  • $6.95 monthly recurring charge and $150 ETF.
  • Receive notice of possible automatic renewal (90 days to cancel with no ETF).

Gas South Fixed 12 Month

  • $0.670 per therm
  • $20 in bill credits
  • No deposit.
  • $6.95-$9.95 monthly recurring charge and $150 ETF.
  • Receive notice explaining options for a new plan.  

The Best 12 Month Natural Gas Plan

Our pick for the best plan this month is the Constellation 12 Month + Water Heater Protection. Indeed, the rate is the cheapest at $0.589 per therm. But you also get the water heater protection plan for 12 months at no cost (a $71 value). There is a $7.95 monthly charge and $150 ETF. The plan automatically renews into the variable rate plan or another fixed rate plan. With the fixed rate plan, you have 90 days to cancel with no ETF.

Prepare to Shop Natural Gas and Save

Regardless of which 12 month natural gas plan you choose, we recommend you prepare for the end of your contract. Many plans automatically renew into a variable rate plan. These could be costly so we want to share a simple strategy. Just mark your calendar with a reminder to shop natural gas rates this time next year. Just follow this strategy every year and you’ll be sure to get the best plan and savings.

If you’re looking for other options besides these great 12 month plans, we have you covered. In fact, Georgia Gas Savings makes it so easy to compare plans and providers, so you’ll enjoy shopping for natural gas. Visit us today at https://www.georgiagassavings.com.

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