Shop Recommended Gas Plans In Warner Robins

Shop and compare these recommended gas plans for your home in Warner Robbins. Find the lowest rate from the best provider for your needs.

Which Recommended Gas Plans Works for You?

Shop recommended plans for your home in Warner Robbins now and find the natural gas best provider for your family's needs.
Spring is the time to shop recommended gas plans for your home in Warner Robbins. Compare the lowest rates to find the best provider for your family.

There are many reasons someone might need a new gas provider. Therefore, we feature several different plans and Georgia gas companies each month. Whether you want to save money, are moving soon, or want better customer service, we have a plan for you. So, let’s go through our recommended plans in Warner Robins for April.

Recommended Short Term Plans

Short term plans can be a good choice for renters and students who don’t need a long commitment. Because they don’t require a deposit, these plans are also ideal for anyone strapped for cash or with low credit scores.

Firstly, let’s give the Gas South Fixed 6 Month plan a look. It has a $0.510 per therm rate, $6.95 monthly charge, and $150 ETF. Save a little bit more with a $5 bill credit per month for ten months. You’ll have to renew with this provider to get all your credits.

We also have the Georgia Natural Gas® Variable Select plan. It has a $1.699 per therm rate, $3.99 monthly charge, and no ETF. As a variable plan, the per therm rate could change every month. This could be a good option in several scenarios. For example, maybe you’re thinking about moving in the next few months. Or, maybe you want to try the provider who ranks first in our ratings system before committing to a long-term plan.

Recommended Long Term Plans

If you aren’t going anywhere soon and want to save money on natural gas, long term plans are the way to go! The fixed rates of these plans will keep your gas costs low for a year or more. Keep in mind these plans require deposits up to $150 and will charge a fee for early cancellation.

Firstly, we have the Xoom SureLock 24 plan. It has a $0.429 per therm rate, $5.85 monthly charge, and $200 ETF.  This is the cheapest rate of the recommended plans this month!

Next is the Xoom RescueLock 12 plan. It has a $0.479 per therm rate, $5.85 monthly charge, and $100 ETF. A nice perk with this plan is the provider donates 5% of your monthly charges to PetSmart charities.

Finally, we’ll cover the Constellation 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. It has a $0.519 per therm rate, $7.95 monthly charge, and $150 ETF.

How Much Will My Gas Bill Be?

We’re all keeping an eye on our expenses these days. Let’s run some numbers so you can easily compare plans by cost. For these estimates, we’ll take the average monthly gas use amount, which is 51.08 therms, according to the PSC. These estimates only include your supply charge plus monthly charge. You will also have delivery charges and taxes on each bill.

Monthly Costs

  • Gas South: $33.00
  • Georgia Natural Gas®: $90.78
  • Xoom SureLock: $27.77
  • Xoom RescueLock: $30.32
  • Constellation: $34.46

The fixed rate plans differ from each other by only a few dollars. But those dollars add up over a year. The variable rate plan is about three times more expensive yet could still be a good move for a month or two depending on your needs! Our pick for the best recommended plan of the day has to be Xoom SureLock 24. It’s the cheapest plan and offers the most savings overall. Don’t delay, scoop this plan up today at

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