Lock in Long Term Savings in Augusta

Shop the cheapest long term plans in Augusta, GA. Learn more about how to save with the best 24 month natural gas rates.

Long Term Gas Plans at Spring Rates

Long term plans lock in a low price for the long haul. Learn which 24 month plans help your save the most on your natural gas in Augusta, GA. Shop now and save!
Shop now and save! Learn which 24 month plans help your save the most on your natural gas over the long term in Augusta, GA.

Natural gas provides heat and fuels generators. Since spring falls between the high demand heating and cooling months, gas rates are cheaper right now. Take advantage of today’s low GA gas prices with a long term plan that extends your savings! Let’s check out available 24 month plans so you can lock in long term savings in Augusta.

Comparing 24 Month Rates Head-to-Head

Let’s start by comparing the rates and customer charges of the five best 24 month plans. To provide supply cost estimates, we multiply each plan’s fixed rate by the average annual gas usage. According to the GA PSC, the average annual residential gas use is 613 therms per year.

Firstly, it’s the Gas South Fixed 24 Month plan. It has a $0.690 per therm rate and $6.95-$9.95 monthly charge. The supply charge comes to $506.37 – $542.37 a year; $42.20 – $45.20 per month.

Secondly, we have the Georgia Natural Gas® 24 Month Fixed plan. With this provider you get a $0.629 per therm rate and a $6.99 – $9.99 monthly charge. The annual supply comes to about $469.46 – $505.46. That’s around $39.12 to $42.12 per month.

Next is the Scana Energy 24 Month plan. This plan has a $0.619 per therm rate and $6.95 monthly charge. Annual supply comes to about $462.85, or around $38.57 per month.

That brings us to the Constellation 24 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. With this plan you have a $0.579 per therm rate and $7.95 monthly charge. That’s around $450.33 annually, or $37.53 monthly.

Finally, we have the Xoom Energy SureLock 24 plan. It has the cheapest rate at $0.429 per therm. The monthly charge is also the lowest at $5.85. Annual supply plus monthly charge comes to $333.18. That’s roughly $27.76 a month.

Remember, none of these estimates include the AGL distribution charges.

Other Things to Know About Long Term Plans

Apart from low rates, these providers also offer incentives with their plans.

Gas South offers a unique perk: no deposit. That keeps up to $150 in your pocket. Furthermore, you get $5 in bill credits for the first 10 months of your contract. There is a $150 ETF, but that is comparatively low. Lastly, they are second in our natural gas providers ratings system.

Meanwhile, Scana Energy does collect a deposit up to $150. They also have the highest ETF at $250. This provider comes in third in our customer ratings.

Georgia Natural Gas® also requires a deposit up to $150. Unlike competitors, this provider has a sliding scale ETF. Specifically, the ETF starts at $200 and drops by $50 every 6 months. Georgia Natural Gas® is first in our ratings system.

Constellation has an ETF of $150 and collects a deposit up to $150. This provider is fourth in the customer ratings system.

Xoom Energy does not stack up as well against the competition in these metrics. They have a higher ETF of $200, require a deposit up to $150, and are seventh in our ratings.

What Long Term 24 Month Plan Is Best in Augusta?

It’s a tough call to make when the cheapest plan belongs to the lowest-rated provider. However, because many people are struggling with bills, we recommend getting the savings where you can. That means taking the cheapest rate with Xoom Energy SureLock 24. For more information about how to save on natural gas, visit us today at https://www.georgiagassavings.com.

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