Love is in the Air Sealing This Valentine’s Day

Close off money-draining cold air drafts by caulking sealing with your true love this Valentines Day. Cut yoru Georgia gas bills now and save!

Make a Date of Air Sealing Your Home

Save by air sealing this Valentines Day  with the one you love. Cutting your natural gas bills now can help you spend more on romance later!
Save now to spend more on your romance later! Learn how air sealing your home this Valentines Day can cut your Georgia gas bills.

Stay home and get extra cozy this Valentine’s Day. Instead of going out, make a date out of a DIY project that lowers your GA gas bill (and your electric bill, too!). The EPA says you can save about 15% on heating and cooling just by adding sealing and insulation to your home. When the savings add up, put it towards a romantic getaway! This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air sealing, so let’s get to it!

9 Tips for Quick and Easy Air Sealing

So, put away your fancy clothes and put on some sweatpants. Also, cancel those pricey dinner reservations and order your favorite take out. This year, make Valentine’s day a quick and easy DIY date. Firstly, here are 9 tips to air seal your home and save on energy costs.

  1. Caulk around windows and doors that leak.
  2. Add or replace weather stripping around drafty doors.
  3. Add a flexible draft stopper to the bottoms of entryway doors or thresholds.
  4. Add foam behind exterior wall outlet and switch plates.
  5. Fill gaps around exterior protrusions for electrical and plumbing. Do this inside and out!
  6. Check visible insulation for dirt or moisture. This will indicate an air leak.
  7. Dirty spots on the floor and ceiling near exterior walls also mean a possible leak.
  8. For large gaps, use foam. Fill small gaps with silicone caulk.
  9. Check fireplaces to make sure your flue seals tightly.

As you work through sealing your home, make sure you are using materials for their intended purpose to keep yourself safe. For example, only use heat resistant materials to seal your flue and chimney.

Bonus Tips: Quick and Easy Insulation

Sealing your home will go a long way to reduce your energy costs. But adding some insulation will help you see savings even faster on your Atlanta Gas Light bill. In fact, there are likely a few spots in your home with easy access where you can add insulation and reduce your Georgia gas use!

  1. Floors between the main floor and basements or crawlspaces.
  2. Attics.
  3. Attic access doorways.
  4. Openings in the ceiling for attic fans.
  5. Hot water heater tank.
  6. Hot water pipes.

Enjoy a Cozy Valentine’s with Air Sealing

Once you have finished air sealing your home, your winter evenings will be cozier while you spend less money. That’s a great gift couples can give each other! But don’t forget one of the best ways to save money on energy is with a cheap natural gas rate. So, compare natural gas plans and prices now at

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